Sunday, May 12, 2013

Zombies vs. Ninjas III (A SMF Party)

Since we started doing the SMF Parties (coming up on 3 years soon) there have been certain themes and ideas that have gotten done once a year since their conception, my favorite out of these themed parties is without a doubt "Zombies vs. Ninjas"!

The program is usually split into three groups, two Martial Arts films, two Zombie films, and two films that feature Ninjas and Zombie doing battle in the Ultimate Showdown of the Kung Fu Living and the Flesh Eating Undead! Now finding two that fit into that last category (that are also worth watching) is usually a problem. So I am actually introducing another supernatural element this time around to make things more interesting for this third helping of ZvsN 3. (See choice #4)

Our lineup is not set in stone. Chris still has a couple picks in the works, but these are a some films I'm bringing and that you can look forward to seeing on the 16th!