Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Resurgence of the VHS Box!

In the last couple years many companies have been going out of their way to release special edition VHS Tapes of both Classic and Independent Movies. Consider it a gimmick or a novelty act, but whatever you call it this ploy has been working cause most of these tapes have sold out rather quickly and as a result have become a highly sought after collectible on sites such as Ebay!

I have quite a few of the ones below, with my favorite being The Toxic Avenger one that Lloyd Kaufman drew a cock on!
(Read All About That Epic Night HERE)

Purchase Slaughter Tales Here

Purchase "No Clowning Around" Here 

Purchase B.B.B.C. (Here)

*Bonus Tapes*
These are two that were made by fans but sadly were never  for sale to buy . . . YET! 

(Art by Bub Logan)

(Art by Conjuring)

- Tom

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