Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Police Academy (SMF's Tub of Toys)

It's been a good while since I did a toy post on here, below is the collection of Police Academy figures I have came across at FleaMarkets over the years . . .
These toys are based off of the carton series that ran for a couple seasons back in the late 80s, by that time the movie franchise had pretty much hit a wall so the cartoon was their one last try milk this once huge cash-cow!

Officer Mahoney and Gay Leather Bar Mahoney on his way to the Blue Oyster!  

Claw and Numbskull

Two ZEDs

Hightower and House

Flung Hi and Jones

Kingpin and Mr. Sleaze (who looks a lot like Charles Bronson)

Tackleberry (1) and (2)

- Tom


  1. Awesome! My cousin had a few of these and I used to watch the cartoon. But I looove the movies especially parts 1-3.

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