Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mac and Me (The Cheesetastic Cinema Club #2)

How two boys worlds apart become the best of friends and developed childhood obesity thanks to Fast Food Coca-cola! 

While I was watching "Mac and Me" this morning besides questioning my sanity, I also wondered if "Mac and Me" even fit the bill of a cheesy movie. It's definitely a horrible movie, but is it cheesy?
The conclusion I came up with was this isn't even a movie, but a 99 minute long advertisement for McDonald and Coca-Cola products!

I have a long history with this movie, when it first came out in the Summer of 1988 my parents took me to see it at drive-in located in Wildwood, Jersey and it's also one of the earliest VHS Tapes I owned when my family got a VCR . . .  but all along I never had a doubt that movie was SHIT! Granted it is Shit that's fun as hell to watch though!

Now even though I upgraded to the DVD recently when BestBuy had it on sale for $3, I chosen to watch my old VHS copy today to get more of that 80s nostalgia fuel kicking!

The plot of this movie is pretty much a direct ripoff of "E.T.", even down to the idea for a title since E.T. was short for Extra-Terrestrial , where "Mac" is short for Mysterious Alien Creature.
Janet Cruise relocates from Chicago to California along with her two sons Michael (the older of the two) and handicapable Eric. The Cruise family relocated cause Janet found a new job at SEARS, I guess they didn't have anything for her a Illinois branch? Along the way they accidentally pick up MAC, an alien who get separated from his family when they are all taken from Mars via Space Rover.
The Government knows they fucked up so they search all over the state to find the missing MAC before the general public finds out, meanwhile MAC's family get lost in the desert somewhere!

On planet earth MAC gains a dependence on Coke . . . the soda that is! He's a feen for that shit!

Eric meets the mysterious alien creature after a mishap with is wheelchair . . . 
Just watch this scene cause it's just too great to try and describe . . .

The budding friendship between MAC and the Cruise Brothers is very Heartwarming, even though he looks like a turd that E.T. shit out back in 1982, but then again E.T. himself looks like a turd so who shit him out?

Later while trying to escape the clutches of FBI Agents whom since located the alien, the boys take MAC to the worlds largest McDonald's that comes complete with it's own Football Team, Break Dancers, and even Mr Ronal McDonald himself!

I bet that scene is played on all the tv monitors in Hell!

Remember this scene in E.T., only with bikes and something called a budget?

After losing the agents, the Cruises leave their home town and help MAC relocate his family, all is going to well until all hell breaks lose in a Super Market where there are trying to score more Coke!

This movie in noway was paid for by the Coca-cola Company!

Eric actually dies from a Gas Station explosion, WTF people this is a kids movie!

But MAC and his family are then able to bring him back to life with their powers but still leave him paralyzed for some reason!

Now with the government on their side the MACs become legal US Citizens and threaten us that they will be back with a sequel . . . 25 Years Later I'm still waiting for that one!

In recent year this movie has taken on a life of it's own thanks to every time Paul Rudd shows up on Conan and instead of advertising whatever new movie he shows a random clip of "Mac and Me"!

Well that's it for this today's "C.C.C", Long Live The Cheese and be sure to drink tons of Coke!

- Tom


  1. You should check out "My Kid Brother". Actually don't.

    Long live "Mac and Me"!

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