Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gut (A SMF Review)

Every so often I get an email from someone asking if I'd be interested in a promotional copy of their movie for a review on this blog.

I usually have to decline the majority of these screeners because working a 9 to 5 (and having somewhat of a social life) it's hard to fit them in and then write a review in a timely fashion! But every so often a trailer is sent to me that catches my eye and that's why I accepted the film "Gut" for review!

"Gut", the latest film by Elias, tells the tale of two deteriorating relationships that a thirty-something year old man named "Tom" is struggling with. The first is with his wife "Lilly" who he is no longer attracted to. The second is with his best friend and co-worker "Dan" who he has long out grown, but doesn't have the heart to tell him so.

Tom and Dan have a ritual of going to the same diner for lunch just about everyday. It's there that they discuss their problems and flirt with the waitress "Sally". Dan a Horror Movie Aficionado rags on Tom for the fact the they never hang out anymore and that he should ditch "Family Night" to watch the latest film he mysteriously got sent to his P.O. Box the day before. . .

Tom reluctantly gives in, but not knowing that film featured that night is actually a Snuff Film!

The Snuff Film sets both men on much different courses. Tom not knowing how to deal with what he saw becomes even more distant toward his wife to the point that he's a completely different person. Dan however becomes obsessed and must track down more of these videos . . .
But who exactly is making these films, who are the girls featured in them, and what does the filmmaker have in store as a follow up for his loyal audience?

I gotta say "Gut" was a fine feature length film from Elias. Since it wasn't a big budget project by any means I was surprised to see how realistic the gore effects were throughout the movie, but what really makes it all work is the acting of the two leads! Nicholas Wilder as "Dan" and Jason Vail as "Tom" are both very convincing in their roles. You have no trouble buying them as best buds and it makes the brutal ending of the friendship all the more tragic to witness! So, if you are in the mood for great character driven horror film but still wanna see "The Red Stuff" you really can't go wrong by watching "Gut"!

For more info on this movie, along with where to purchase a copy of your own head on over to the Official Website!

- Tom