Saturday, January 5, 2013

Easyriders (March 1982)

Been a long time since I did a "Vintage Print Advertisements" feature on here, usually I just feature old ads from a magazine from the 70s or 80s, but today I am going to feature the magazine it's self . . . a "ScanJob" of sorts!
These pics all come from the March 1982 Issue of "Easyriders", which just so happens to also be the month and year that I was born! I found this issue at Zerns over the Summer in a pile of Fangorias and Old Porn Mags a guy had for sale, I know it's pretty gross to buy this kind of shit used, but he gave me a "No Pages Stuck Together Guarantee" so how could I resist?!? Even though Bicycle culture isn't really my bag, it's awesome going through the mags I bought and seeing how BadAss these clubs were in the late 70s and 80s!

Cover Girl Candi and her furry friend . . .

Fuck Off!

So much crazy shit is going on in this picture, Old Lady Boobs takes the cake though!

Lucky is a Lucky Man?


Fake IDs?

I want that cup!

- Tom


  1. Interesting that back then a t-shirt that said "Fuck Off" was still considered shocking.
    The part of the ad for "Universal Solvents", was that for poppers?

  2. Adam Neuman has dozens of these magazines. He is a shit movie fest treasure trove!

    1. Nice, I'd be interested in checking those out some day