Monday, January 7, 2013

Death O' Lantern (A SMF Review)

I'm back with a review of another Warlock Home Video release, today's film is "Death O' Lantern"!

Just like Happy Helladays, this is another "Lost Film" from the the 1980s and also filmed on VHS!
Now while I enjoyed Helladays a lot more then this effort, that's not to say this one isn't a lot of fun either. Death O' Lantern is a 80s inspired slasher set in the small town of Sleepy Hollow, where the students of Sleepy Hollow High are being knocked off by a pumpkin headed demon named "Stingy Jack"!

Jack struck a deal with the Devil before being executed for being a Child Murder, he gets to come back for 3 Days leading up to Halloween and if he's able to six children during that time he gets to become human once again!

The first kill is a death by candle and besides getting some horrible puns from Jack, the kill really show cases the SFX from Tim Savini (No Relation)

As news spreads through the school about their fellow student's death, Phoebe bands her Horror Movie Club together to get to the bottom of the murders going on in the town and why a Jack-o'-Lantern is left at the scene of each crime.
Now I don't know about you, but my first suspect if I was these kids would have been Gordy Falk . . .

 But Phoebe remembers the legend she heard of "Stingy Jack" when she was a little girl and together they band together to stop Jack once and for all at  Halloween Dance showdown! Do they succeed or JAck break his curse once and for all? Well for $13 + S/H you can find out by ordering at Warlock's Website!

Like I said before out of the 3 Warlocks films I've seen so far, I enjoy that they all make the most of their limited budget (this one estimated at less then $2000). The effects were great, the music from "Radikill" and "Cube Squared" make it feel like an 80s film, and the acting is so tongue in cheek you can't help but laugh! It was especially fun to see my friend Sean of VHSPS front and center, dude always makes me laugh in person and he's a natural in this!

Warlock films aren't for everyone, but if you are open minded and like micro budget cornball flicks from the 80s, these guys won't let you down!

- Tom

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