Monday, December 31, 2012

The Shitmas 2012 Round Up!

Well with later today's post of "Strange Days", Shitmas 2012 will officially come to an end!

I wanna take this chance to say thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Shitmas,
your support was overwhelming and much appreciated! Without everyone's help there is no Shitmas!
Also major props to Christine Larsen for making the amazing banner you see above and Chris Gormley for helping me get everything up in time!

Below are links for all the posts from the 2012 Edition of Shitmas and also the Shitmas Hangover Posts that followed right after . . .

Shitmas Day  1: A Christmas Story 2 (Chad E. Young)

Shitmas Day  2: Gingerdead Man 2 (Ryne Barber)

Shitmas Day  3: Silent Night Bloody Night (Chris Gormley)

Shitmas Day  4: Holiday Specials From Hell (Stacy Still)

Shitmas Day  5: Friday After Next (Eric Martin)

Shitmas Day  6: Rocky 4 (Me)

Shitmas Day  7: Hardware (Eric King)

Shitmas Day  8: Jack Frost (John Squires)

Shitmas Day  9: Reindeer Games (Jeff Mahady)

Shitmas Day 10: Surviving Christmas (Jeff Mahady)

Shitmas Day 11: P2 (Katherine Backoff)

Shitmas Day 12: The Star Wars Holiday Special (Jesse Bartel)
Shitmas Day 13: The Tick Loves Santa (John Tatarellie Jr.)

Shitmas Day 14: It's Always Sunny Christmas (Me)

Shitmas Day 15: Santa With Muscles (Kris Triana)

Shitmas Day 16: Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (Me)

Shitmas Day 17: Batman Returns (Mary Bastian)

Shitmas Day 18: The Hotel New Hampshire (James Harris)

Shitmas Day 19: Die Hard (Chris Tanski)

Shitmas Day 20: Happy Helladays (Me)

Shitmas Day 21: The Doctor Who Christmas Special (Kat Backoff)

Shitmas Day 22: Die Hard 2 (Steve Johnson)

Shitmas Day 23: Christmas comes to Pacland (Thomas Kay)

Shitmas Day 24: A Cadaver Christmas (Heath Rhodes)

Shitmas Day 25: Silent Night Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out (Manny of Mass Grave Pictures)

Shitmas-Log Supplemental: The Insects Christmas (Chris Gormley)

Shitmas Hangover #1 Hogfather (Larry Darling Jr.)

Shitmas Hangover #2 The Long Kiss Goodnight (Justin Laliberty)

Shitmas Hangover #3 Terror Train (Me)

Shitmas Hangover #4 200 Cigarettes (Me)

Shitmas Hangover #5 Get Crazy (Me)

Shitmas Hangover #6 Bloody New Year (Me)

Shitmas Hangover #7 New Year Evil (Me)

Shitmas Hangover #8 Strange Days (Josh Clarke)

Thanks again everyone, I hope to have you you all back next year for Shitmas 2013!
- Tom

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  1. I do gotta say, that is indeed one hell of a banner! Well done Christine.