Thursday, December 27, 2012

Terror Train (Shitmas Hangover #3)

The 1980 Slasher "Terror Train" was made smack dab in the middle of Jamie Lee Curtis's rise as Horror's most beloved Scream Queen!
She was fresh off of making the now iconic films "Halloween", "Prom Night", and "The Fog" . . . but it was right before she appeared in "Road Games" and Halloween II".
Some argue that "Terror Train" may be the worst or cheapest of that bunch, but I wholeheartly disagree! In fact it's always been one of my favorite non-franchise slasher films and also features a villain you actually feel nothing but sympathy towards.

Our story begins at a Med School's Fraternity Party on New Years Eve, a small group of the students lead by a total jerkstore name "Doc" decides to play a prank on one the pledges named Kenny. Doc tells Kenny that Alana (J.L.C.) will be waiting for him to have sex in one the frat's bedrooms all he has to do is be there! Kenny enters the room and hears Alana's voice, but feels something is wrong while he is in the bed and her arms and head falls off . . .turns out it wasn't Alana but a corpse Doc placed on the bed that he swiped from a hospital he interns at! Needless to say Kenny freaks out, so bad that as a result he earns himself a one way ticket to the looney bin!

It's now 3 years later, the Fraternity are all seniors and they rent an old train to host a New Years Eve Masquerade Party . . .one last bash before they go their separate ways . . .  but there was one guest nobody counted on showing up!

 I have my Dad to thank for introducing me this this movie, it was one of the last films he recalled seeing in a long gone Drive-In Theatre known as "The 61st Street Drive-In". When we first got a VCR in the early 90s he wanted to buy it but couldn't find it anywhere so he had it special ordered from "Suncoast". In later years I inherited that very VHS, and I also added the movie on DVD and the "Scream Factory" Blu-ray to my collection!

Terror Train features a lot of basic elements that made up the countless slashers of the 1980s . . . Revenge, Masks, and enough Red Herring to full an Ocean.
But it's the acting and plot of the this movie that always make me come back for more.
Turns by Jamie Curtis, Ben Johnson, and David Copperfield (as get this a magician!) are all fantastic, but the real star of the film is Hart Bochner as "Doc Manley"!
You may not reconize the name Hart Bochner so I'll just go and say a name you are bound to know him as . . . Harry Ellis from Die Hard!

Yeap this guy plays a great Dick Head!

If you never seen this movie I highly recommend you doing so, the twist towards the end is amazing and something you'll never see coming (least I didn't), the costumes/masks the killer wears are all freaky as hell, and the kills are as top notch as they come!

So All Aboard The Terror Train For A Party You'll Never Forget!

- Tom

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