Monday, December 10, 2012

Remembering The Yeadon Theatre!

While writing my Shitmas post for "Home Alone 2" I instantly recalled the "The Yeadon" theatre where I first saw it at! The Yeadon Theatre was a theatre in Yeadon, Pa and was right outside of Philly in a section known as Delaware County or "DELCO" for short.

When I was a kid and my family was going to the movies this was our closest closest option, the River View in South Philly and the AMC in Springfield that I frequent from time to time didn't even exist yet!
On it's one screen I seen classics such as "The Land Before Time", The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking, "An American Tail", and the first two "Home Alone" movies there in my youth.

The area the theatre was in took a turn for the worse in the 90s and I don't recall seeing any movies or even having a reason to be  around that town anymore, but I do remember passing by once on my way to "The Tower" and thinking how run-down the Yeadon was looking! But the writing was truly on the wall when after closer inspection I seen a poster for "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps" and "Final Destination" displayed outside the theatre . . . this was 3 years after both movies have came out!

This story almost has a happy ending because in the early 2000's the theatre was bought by new owners, but before anything came to be from that purchase a fire in January 2006 destroyed the Yeadon and was later demolished that year!

What could have been cause I'd love to something like what The Colonial Theatre is doing with their revival of classic cinema in 35mm, but closer to my home . . .

As you can kind of see from these photos below provided by Rob Bender that before the fire the place already had the Grindhouse look down years before that became so heavily sought after no matter how unsafe that may be!

- Tom


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  2. Being a 90's kid, this theater was a special rock in my childhood. Never to forget where I saw Jurassic Park. Was my personal batcave when a young film maker. Saw every flick for cheap.

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