Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No Clowning Around! (A SMF Review)

Today I have a special treat for you guys, I am reviewing the new horror short "No Clowning Around" directed by Rob Dimension & Matthew Burd!

Rob whom I'm sure many of you know from his many successful endeavors around the Horror Community, for one he is the co-host of Monster-Mania Radio along with Dave Hagan (Founder of the "Monster-Mania Convention") and he also co-hosts the Extreme Odd Couple Podcast (XOC Podcast) with Wrestling Legend Steve "King of Old School" Corino! 

Sometime during the Summer, Rob began working on a Horror Movie Short called "No Clowning Around". He told us it was going to be about a Beloved Clown and his Tragic Downfall, but also made it clear that it wasn't going to be a Killer Clown movie like "It" or "Killer Klowns From Outter Space". Speaking to Rob a couple times about this project over the past few months I could tell he put a lot of himself (both mentally and physically) into "No Clowning Around". 
But the end result was totally worth it, he along with everyone involved have a lot to be proud of! 
Now on with the review:

Philadelphia is a city with a rich history of famed "Local TV Personalities", long before there were 24 Hour Cartoon Networks and an endless amount of Video Games being played by today's youth, there were acts such as "Captain Noah and His Magical Ark", "Sally Starr" and "Chief Halftown" that ruled many children's afternoons. 
While these shows may not be as known as say "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" or "The Howdy Doody Show" on  a national level they are still fondly remembered here in Philly and have transcend generations!

But who were these people when the camera wasn't rolling? Just think about the Kevin Clash incident recently, I can honestly say I didn't know the name of the guy who stuck his hand up Elmo's ass every morning as the the puppeteer behind the ever popular Sesame Street character, but after it came out that he was have relationships with underage boys both he and Elmo are now tainted in a lot of people's minds. The media never billed it as "The Kevin Cash Sex Scandal" it became the "Elmo Sex Scandal" and because of that it really makes you wonder who exactly can you trust to bring into your children's lives even if it's a silly red puppet teaching them how to count to 12! Some people out there live for shit like that though, and nothing more fascinating then watching somebody on the top of the world fall from grace, it's what's keeps sites like "TMZ" and magazines like "People" in business!

 "No Clowning Around!" is the story of one such Children's TV Host who's fallen on hard times, his name is "Mumbles the Clown" and this once beloved hero's latests antics would make even Krusty the Clown blush!

(NSFW Trailer for "No Clowning Around")

We catch up with Mumbles after what must have been one hell of night, he awakens in a strangers bathtub and he's wearing a ratty clown suit soaked from a late night drinking spree! He realizes that he's late for a child's birthday party he was hired to perform at that afternoon and after some car trouble shows up still nursing a hangover looking like a hot mess!

Mumbles knows his life is a total shit sandwich and has a moments of clarity thanks to his sidekick puppet "Mr. Peepers" (voiced by Sal Valente),  where did it all go wrong they wonder, a once prominent figure in many children's lives is now reduced to whoring himself out for some spoiled brat's birthday party wen he's no puking his guts out that is!

 "Trixie" (played by Rob's wife Kim) is a heroin addict who's always using the little money Mumbles gets from the parties to get her next score.  Professional wrestler Steve Corino who plays "Lenny" the drug pusher/pimp round out the supporting characters in Mumbles' life. Both of these relationships have been nothing but toxic and played a key factor into the downfall of Mumbles The Clown! 

When I write a review I always try to do my best to refrain spoiling any thing, and because of that I am going to leave things off with this:

This whole short was an interesting character study, knowing Rob and Kim from all the social functions we attend together I got to say they not only nailed their roles . . . they became them!
I wasn't watching Rob and Kim here, I was watching two very broken-down people in a life neither person deserved. Also Steve Corino who I don't know on any sort of personal level besides his work as a great Chicken Shit Heel in his ECW days plays a Scumbag very well. He could have went with easy route of playing everything Over-The-Top, but because he didn't his character of Lenny came off very multidimensional.
In closing this movie was a lot darker then I thought it was going to be, even though our main character is a clown there is no "Happy-Go-Lucky" moments to be found here!
Sure I laughed at a few scenes for what would could only be considered dark comedy, but the majority of what I witnessed was deeply disturbing and no laughing matter at all!

You can order your own copy of "No Clowning Around" on DVD or even a special limited edition VHS (signed by Rob) at the Link Below:

- Tom Bryce

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