Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Evil (Shitmas Hangover #7)

Call me Eee-vil.

Released towards the end of 1980, "New Years Evil" gets my pick for being the most underrated of the holiday slashers films . . .

I never had the pleasure of seeing it until about five years ago when "Fearnet" started running it as one of their free on demand titles, and since it was long out of print I made sure to watch it a few times during that time frame. A few years ago I was able to score a copy of it from and made sure to fit it into my Holiday Movie Watching schedule ever since.

VHSPS's copy comes from a straight rip of of the original Paragon Home Video release, so it's filed with all kinds of awesome trailers including "Boarding House" and "Just Before Dawn"!

The movie starts off with an ok kill, but it's the opening credits that follow that really sets the tone of "New Years Evil". We followed a crowded car full of punk rockers on their way to a New Years Eve Party, we get to see The Sunset Strip in it's early 80s heyday and also get the first of many awesome songs this movie features.

The party the punks are attending is a New Wave New Years Bash hosted by tv host Diane "Blaze" Sullivan (Roz Kelly aka Pinky Tuscadero). Blaze begins receiving prank phone calls from a caller referring to himself as "Eee-vil" and he promises that he will kill one person at the stroke of midnight for each time zone in the United States!

Our killer is actually Blaze's ex-husband "Richard" played by a very charismatic actor named Kip Niven.

Richard makes good on his promise of killing using many different disguises including dressing up as a nurse, and rich playboy, and even a priest. This all leads up to Richard getting to the hotel the party is being held at for what's to be his final kill and endgame . . . Blaze herself!

God I love this movie, it has a thrilling pace, a killer soundtrack, and a bunch of great supporting characters including Grant Cramer of "Killer Klowns" fame as Richard and Diane's unhinged son "Derek"!

It's to bad "New Years Evil" wasn't a big enough hit to warrant a sequel because the ending was taylor made for a follow up!

Oh well if you are looking to own a copy of this Holiday Slasher check out VHSPS they have it on sale for $10

- Tom

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