Monday, December 31, 2012

My Top 13 Films of 2012

Well with 2012 all but over, here's my list of 13 Movies that I found to be the most entertaining this year had to offer . . .

13. Alpha Girls (Facebook Page)

How good is this indie horror film from Philadelphia Filmmakers Tony Trov and Johnny Zito? Well it's the only movie on this list that I paid to see twice!
It's the story of a sorority that's been harboring a dark past of satanism and the occult dating back to the 1800s.
Standout Performances from "The Alpha Girls" themselves (Falon Joslyn, Beverly Rivera, Nicole Cinaglia, Kara Zhang, & Nikki Bell), gory practical effects and a killer soundtrack from Mike Vivas of Southwork makes this one movie you won't want to miss when it get's a wider release in 2013!

12. Expendables 2

The Expendables sequel comes in at number twelve on the list, this movie was truly everything I wanted out of the first movie, which I fell way short of my expectations (Rambo 4 it wasn't!)
"EX2" was an much more enjoyable film, with extend roles for Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger  and a better villain in Jean-Claude Van Damme it keep me smiling throughout the whole movie and made me feel like a kid again!

11. The Dark Knight Rises & The Avengers (Tie)

Two fun popcorn movies that I liked well enough, but have no interest in watching again any time soon.
 Full Disclourse but I haven't cared for a comic book movie enough since "Spider-man 2" to do repeat viewing of at home. Seeing them once on the big screen is fine enough for me cause when I buy any of these movies I often skip to a scene here or there and never feel the magic I did while sitting there opening weekend!

09. Prometheus

This was a fun movie, by no means am instant game changer like "Alien" or "Aliens", but it was a movie I enjoyed very much and glad that Ridley Scot has a sequel in the works.
The 3 main leads Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, and Charlize Theron did an excellent job and made this movie more then just a visual CGI laden treat that I was expecting going into it.

08. Cabin In The Woods

Speaking of only seeing them once, I really liked Cabin but I have yet to re-watch it since I saw it in April cause I know it won't have the same effect on me knowing what's coming next!
But that first time was a hell of a ride!  Kudos for no one ruining/spoiling this one on Facebook before it was released and for many weeks after, I liked reading the reviews of people saying you just need to see it!

07. 21 Jump Street 

You can mark this up as my surprise pick of year, and maybe one of the funniest movies I seen in quit some time, it changed my opinion of both Channing Tatum and Movies based off of tv shows of yesteryear!

06. God Bless America 

"Bobcat" Goldthwai "God Bless America" was so on key . . . while I don't agree that all or any of the people in the movie needed to die, it's satisfying to see stupid shit like "TMZ" and "American Idol" get smoked. To bad that "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" wasn't around yet when this movie was made.
Fun fact I didn't get to see this movie premier in Philly since it was sold out, but I did get to meet Bobcat later that night at a bar!

05. The Loved Ones 

Yes I'm aware that this movie came out over three years ago, but it didn't receive a release here until this year so I am including it!
Loved Ones had everything I'm looking for in a movie, it was both Funny and Twisted! Robin McLeavy's "Lola" is the most frightening lady on the silver screen since Misery's "Annie Wilkes".

04. The Raid Redemption & Dredd (Tie)

Two of the best action movies of the year both take place predominantly in a single building over the course of a single day and both plots are about taking down a drug lord. Besides that they are both vastly different movies. Raid is a Martial Arts' Fans Dream come true and Dredd is one of the BadAss Comic book movies in a long time.
I can't tell you which one was better of the two, but I gotta say I am very sad that the poor box-office for Dredd may result in there never being a sequel to what could be a promising franchise!

02. Skyfall 

I'm a long time Bond fan and this was the best film of the franchise since the 60s, two big reasons for that was Sam Mandes' Directing and Javier Bardem who owns in his role as the flamboyant villain Silva.
A vulnerable Bond and "M" set this movie in a totally different direction form what's become the norm of this franchise and the conclusion has it heading on a fresh new path.

01. Killer Joe

I had no clue what I was getting myself into when my pal K.G. had a screening pass to see "Killer Joe" last summer but I ended up loving ever bizarre moment of it!
The story of a revenge plot gone to shit is nothing new, but the actors and twists made this one work!
Matthew McConaughey has never been better as the title character and the Smith Family consisting of great talents such as Emile Hirsch, Thomas Haden Church, Gina Gershon, and Juno Temple all played felt like a real Trailer Park Family.

Well that's my list for 2012, sure there are a few movie  I wish I got a chance to see before writing this up . . . "Django" and "Silver Linings Playbook" come to mind, but I'll catch them all soon enough!

- Tom

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