Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My 5 Favorite Blu-ray Releases of 2012 . . .

Since there's still a few movies from 2012 I feel like I should see before I even start my obligatory "Best of 2012" list I figured why not do a best Blu-ray releases of 2012 list in the meantime!
Before I start I  feel like I should note that I haven't been able to get my hands on the following yet . . . "The Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection", "Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection", or The Criterion Collection release of "Rosemary's Baby". But thankfully I got a lot of gift cards for Christmas so I hope to rectify this problem some time this week!  As of now here are the best five Blu-ray release I bought this year . . .

5:  Red Scorpion (Blu-ray via Synapse Films)

The Synapse release for this Cult Classic is everything a Dolph Lundgren fan can ask for!
Special features include commentary with Director Joseph Zito, an interview with Tom Savini, and rare original on-set behind-the-scenes video footage.
This movie never got much love back in the day, so it was shocking to see a company give it such a grand release, but then again that's something you can always count on  Synapse doing!

4: The Boogens (Blu-ray via Olive Films)

To be honest I'm surprised that this one even made it to Blu-ray since there was never a DVD release for it, but I'm happy to finally own it!
The Boogens never looked greater with this remarkable transfer and hopefully now it will find the audience it deserves cause whenever I bring the movie up most people never heard of it or think I'm joking about this movie really exists!

3: The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection (Best Buy Exclusive) 

I'm a Freddy Kid for life and having ever movie in one awesome Blu-ray collection is a Dream (Nightmare?) Come True!
I may have seen "Dream Warriors" a hundred times when you count watching it on VHS, DVD, and a couple times in 35mm . . .
But that first time I watched it on Blu-ray was like watching for the first time all over again.
This box has a good amount of features, some carried over from other releases, but if you want the whole story you'll still need to pair it up with the "Never Sleep Again" documentary.

2: Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection (via MGM)

I got this as an early Christmas Present  from my Parents and it's great gift for a casual fan or a Bond Fanfic like myself!

The box gives each movie it's due, has loads of special features and it even has a space reserved for "Skyfall"!
It's been a real joy to go back and watch the earlier Bond films, some of which I only seen on VHS.

1: Anything released by Scream Factory

If there's one company out there that I have complete faith in it's these guys!
In less then one years time they became the gold standard when it comes to releasing both Classic and Obscure Horror Movies on Blu-ray.
I've own of the release I picked up from them so far (Halloween 2, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Terror Train, Fun House, and They Live) on either VHS or DVD . . .
But their Blu-rays are truly the best any of these movies have ever looked and are filled to the brim with Special Features! To to sweeten the deal each release has had a spectacular new cover design done by well know artists such as Nathan Thomas Milliner and The Dude Designs!

(Season of the Witch by Nathan Thomas Milliner)

I can't wait to get my hands on all of Scream Factory's new release in 2013, including "The Burning", "The Fog", and "Phantasm II"!

- Tom


  1. The Boogens rules, got to see this in theaters when Exhumed screened it, love that movie.

  2. One of the many shows I kick myself for missing, another was The "Night of the Creeps/Monster Squad Double Feature!

  3. Scream factory releases have been awesome, I'm sad I haven't bought any yet :( I am totally going buy some of the ones coming in 2013 though: the fog, deadly blessing, the burning, and the town that dreaded sundown of course!