Sunday, December 16, 2012

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (Shitmas Day #16)

Long before I seen "The Warriors", "Taxi Driver", or "New Jack City" . . . "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York"  was the one movie that made me scared shitless about ever stepping foot in New York City let alone being lost in it . . .

Like many kids of the 90s, I was a huge fan of the first "Home Alone" movie and in my mind it's star Macaulay Culkin was the best actor in the world not named Arnold Schwarzenegger at the time!  When the sequel to Home Alone came out in 1992 my Aunt and 3 cousins went on a day we had off from school and seen it the now long closed "Yeadon Theatre", and when this movie made it's way to VHS the following Summer (1993) there wasn't a week that went by without me watching it for a good while after that.

Some may argue that Home Alone 2 is pretty much just a remake of the first film . . .
Once again The McCallister family are going away for a Christmas Vaction  . . .
Once again Kevin gets separated from his family right before the leave for said vacation . . .
Once again he encounters bumbling idiots Harry and Marv . . .
Once again he meets a person shunned by society and offers up his ten year old wise beyond his years wisdom too . . .
And once again his Uncle Frank is a Toolbag!

But all these Déjà vu moments aside, while this movie may not be as charming as the 90's film, but it's a lot grander since Home Alone 2 has a great deal more to work with it's New York Setting and budget.
Scenes taking place at the Plaza Hotel with (scene stealer) Tim Curry as the concierge and Rob Schneider as the Bellhop are as funny to me now as they were 20 years ago.
He pulls the "Angels with Filthy Souls" prank on them with the follow up "Angels with Even Filthier Souls", it's my favorite part of the move!

Kevin's early dealings with The Sticky Bandits Harry and Marv  (formally The Wet Bandits)  take place all over the city including a scene in a ice skating rink and also in Central Park at night that features Hookers trying to pick young Kevin up and crazy homeless people talking to themselves . . . Not so PG friendly if you ask me!

In his time away from the bandits Kevin meets some new friends in New York, including a homeless "Pigeon Lady" and Roy Walley who know owns a toy store that the Bandits plan on knocking off Christmas Eve!

The final cartoon like show down is pretty much a repeat of their battle at the end the first film, this time it's in an vacant house owned by his family, Harry has a "Fool Me Once Shame On You" attitude about the whole situation, but yes they are once again out smarted by the kid with some help from "The Pigeon Lady".

Christmas is save, Kevin didn't die at the hand of two career criminals, and he's reunited with his Family once again for better or for worse!

A year later Macaulay Culkin was staring in the criminally underrated "The Good Son", but his career and health started to dwindle as the 90s rolled on . . . such is the life of a child actor!

Actual photo of Mac now!

By the time you are reading this, today me and one of my best friends Jamie will be in the Big Apple for our annual "Shopping and Bar Hopping Trip around the Big Apple" . . .

Hopefully we don't run into Harry, Marv, or that Naked Cowboy guy again!

- Tom

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