Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Helladays (Shitmas Day #20)

What happens when you combine the two Bob Clark Holiday Classics "Black Christmas" and "A Christmas Story" on a shoestring budget? It may look a lot like "Happy Helladays"!

"Happy Helladays" was a Warlock Home Video release made all the way back in the year 1987! 25 Years later the movie has found it's way to DVD thanks to Warlock's new head honcho Chris Seaver.

Before our movie starts we are treated to a comedy routine from video company's mascot "The Warlock". The Warlock spout off some horrible Holiday related puns that even the Crypt Keeper would find embarrassing!

The Warlock!

Our movie begins on a snowy Christmas night back in 1974, a woman wanders through the snow only to drop off a child she had earlier that evening on the front steps of a college sorority. The baby (played by a very talented dollar store doll I must add) is taken in by the House Mother Janis!

We flash forward to 1987 where it's a couple days before Christmas, the child that was taken in is know as Alister (but "Cornelious" on the back of DVD though for some reason) is ready getting ready to celebrate both his Birthday and Christmas. I always felt bad for people who have to share their Birthday with Baby Jesus, even more so if they grown up looking like this creepy little bastard!

Besides being an all around C. L. B., Alister (played by Tobe Lerone who also served as this movie's writer) will scare the shit out of you every second he's on screen . . . everything from his voice, his Michael Jackson obsession, and the way he leaves his spluge all around the house after spying on his Sorority Sister is the stuff of nightmares.

Who left Jizz all over the place?

It wasn't me . . . I swear!

The Sorority Sister are mean, but they don't really do anything all that horrible to be honest, they are actually lazy sit around the house and drink types then anything. There is a lesbian couple (Maxine and Nikki), a pleasantly plump one, a slutty racist one (Sandra), and one that's clearly a man (Mary Beth)!

Janis doesn't like some of the mean things they say to her adopted son, especially when they criticize his singing skills or lack therefor of (to bad American Idol wasn't around then kid, you could have put out your own "Hung for the Holidays" )

On Christmas Eve as punishment for their "nastiness" Janis forces the girls to attend Alister's Christmas pageant! After the pageant host (who oddly enough shares a slight resemblance to Warlock's Own Chris Seaver) spouts off some jokes that would make The Warlock blush, young Alister sings his songs and is mocked and booed off the stage by the whole audience . . . all 4 of them!

This guy is in no way, shape, or form Chris Seaver!

When they return home Janis tried to calm her son down by letting him open one of his birthday/christmas gifts, he hopes it's a Jacko doll he's been jonesing for but he ultimately snaps out when it's revealed to be an ugly Santa Suit PJs set (shades of a "Ralphie" anyone?)

Now donned as the jolly fat man Alister wreaks shop in the sorority and kills the girls in some wicked ways, these scenes all include some good special effects for what is clearly low budget film.
The kill where one of girls is killed Alister singing Christmas Music is one of my favorites!

I won't ruin any more spoilers for this film cause I actually want you to check it out for yourself. My only real complaint is that the run time of 45 minutes is a little disappointing, but I can't say it dosen't packs a great punch in that short time frame. After the main credits we some behind the scenes footage of the making of "Happy Helladays" . . .
Just don't make a drinking game out of how many times they say 1987 ;)

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so far I myself have seen and enjoyed the films "DIE-B-QUE" and "DEATH-O-LANTERN"

- Tom

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  1. Good Work! I've never seen this I'm going to have to see it out, Thanks.