Saturday, December 29, 2012

Get Crazy (Shitmas Hangover #5)

If ever there was a movie that lives up to it's title it's 1982's "Get Crazy"!

This criminally obscure movie was released in the summer of 82 and is about a fictional music venue named The Saturn Theater (loosely based on the famed "Fillmore East" of 1970s)
Chris and I screened this at last October's Rock Themed SMF Party "Rocktober" and it was the highlight of the evening.

Our story takes place on New Years Eve 1982 and the Saturn's owner Max Wolfe is trying to put on the ultimate concert to both ring in the New Year and help the Saturn stay stay afloat for one more year. The Ultimate Concert has a  bevy of bizarre acts including Captain Cloud (a man on a constant trip), King Blues (The King of the Blues), Auden (played by Lou Reed doing his best Bob Dylan impersonation), and Reggie Wanker (Malcolm McDowell spoofing Mick Jagger)!
Besides the above mentioned there are so many people you know in this movie and it's a impressive list of talent at that . . .
I'm talking Daniel Stern, Ed Begley Jr., Stacey Nelkin, Linnea Quigley, Clint Howard, and Lee Ving (of the band FEAR)

The movie's not about the musical acts but more so about the stage hands and production people who's helping to make sure the show runs as smoothly as possible, but remember this movie's call "Get Crazy" so don't bank on that happening guys!
The whole thing plays out like an episode of "The Muppet Show" just without the Muppets!

Below you'll find movie in it's entirety thanks to Youtube, this movie has been long out of print and never received a DVD release so this is more then likely the only way your going to find it for the time being!

- Tom

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