Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bloody New Year (Shitmas Hangover #6)

The 1987 British Horror Flick "Bloody New Year" is an interesting movie to say the least . . .
I must have stared at this box a million times when I was a kid at the video store but never rented for one reason or another. I got a copy of it last year at a Horror Con, and up until last night when I finally gotten around to watching it I was still under the impression that this was another 80s slasher film based off the title and box art, but after getting used to that not being the case I was treated to a very cool supernatural horror flick!

So where do I begin on this mini Shitmas Hangover Review?  Well first off I was surprised to find out that only the first scene has anything to really do with "New Years Eve" and the movie actually takes place during the Summer! The opening credits follow a scene from a New Years Eve party circa 1959, the party is happening at a ritzy island hotel known as the "Grand Island Hotel"! Before the clock strikes midnight and rings in the 60s something horrible happens to all the party goers and we are then taken to present day 1987!

A group of teens are on holiday (what the Brits refer to as a vacation) are clowning around at an Amusement parks are end up getting into a scuffle with two carnies. Even know the teens outnumber the two men, they run to their boat to get away from them. In the ocean they end up traveling into the wrong direction and end up marooned at the island at the start of the film!

They discover the hotel that appears to not have been touched in close to 30 years since it's still decorated for Christmas and New Years . . .
Wandering around the Hotel and the Island trying to find any sort of help they start to unravel the mystery of what happened at that New Years Eve party in 1959, and soon realize that they too maybe as doomed as those unfortunate Party Goers who now haunt the Island!

But even worse for you this song will get stuck in your head for the rest of eternity!

While watching "Bloody New Year" I was reminded of a coulee other things, some that the movie predates and others that came way after. The Gary Sherman film "Dead & Buried" instantly comes to mind because of the way the Ghosts act and are dressed in the same style of that film.
Also B.N.Y. made me think of the now classic Xbox game "BioShock"! I wonder if this movie was any inspiration on the game's setting of 'Rapture" since both stories are about the fallout of event's taking place on New Year's Eve of 1959 and dealing with Crazed Ghouls!

So If you are in the mood for something different this morning to help ring in the New Years, I recommend you tracking this one down or grabbing yourself a copy from the find folks at VHSPS!

- Tom

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