Friday, December 28, 2012

200 Cigarettes (Shitmas Hangover #4)

You know that age-old question "Where would you go if you could time travel?"
Well if I had TARDIS there's a good chance I'd head to New York circa 1978 - 1981!

I could catch some of my favorite musical acts such as The Ramones, The Talking Heads and Blondie perform at CBGB . . .I could wander around 42nd Street and take in a movie at a real grindhouse theater . . .I could go check out the art scene the Lower East Side had to offer . . .The possibilities are endless!

Since I was born in 1982 I can't say how authentic the movie "200 Cigarettes" is at capturing the New York scene in the early 80s, but I can say it nails the pressure we put on ourselves to have the perfect New Years Eve!

Release in early 1999 and put out by MTV Films "200 Cigarettes" stars an amazing ensemble cast including Paul Rudd, Dave Chappelle, Christina Ricci, Kate Hudson, Courtney Love, and Ben Affleck to name a few!

The plot revolves around everyone trying to make it to a party hosted by a mutual friend named Monica (played by Martha Plimpton). There are many different stories played out in the movie, but the one common theme in the plot; nobody wants to end up alone at the end of the night!

I'd always liked this movie because it goes to show anything can happen when you just go with the flow and embrace the unexpected instead of trying to plan out every little detail in life.

Stand out performances: Rudd (because when is Paul not awesome?); Ricci with an over the top Long Island accent; and most of all, the music. It really helps set the mood of the early 80s perfectly!

200 Cigarettes is by no means a great film, but it's entertaining enough and worth checking out if you've never seen it before!

- Tom

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