Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pics From "Season of the Witch VII" . . .

Turtle Power!

Last year's Season of the Witch hosted by my buddies Steve and Jay of "Icon vs Icon" was one of the most fun events I ever was invited too, this past Saturday was no different!

If anything it was even better this time around because I meet most of the campers last year and have also seen them a few times since, plus my friends Jeff, Kat, and Claire where there also! (as seen in the pic above).

I got there around Five. I learned my lesson about getting there too early last time around, but there really wasn't much daylight left to say hi to everyone, get my tent up, and also enjoy a beer. . .

Rather then a recap of the Event here are some pics from the S.O.T.W.  Since it was more of a you had to be there sort of thing to really enjoy this post and well you guys were there!

The Site before it started getting dark out!

Jeff and Kat

Bubbles was a lot nicer to me this time around!

Got to represent with The SMF Cooler!

My Tent for the Evening (Props to K.G.)

Claire pitching a tent.

Our movie screen for the night

The Fire Starts!

Around 6ish we started off the first of the movies, which was The Burning (followed by Pet Semtary, The Lost Boys and Street Trash)

Like most of the movies that night I only watched key scenes or kills since I was having a lot of fun near the fire drinking beer, eating some homemade chili, and talking to everyone at the party.

My new favorite Beer, to bad it's seasonal :(

Thanks again for everyone who I hung out with Saturday, fun times were had and I can't wait to see you all at Steve's X-mas Party (Black Santa in tow!)

- Tom

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