Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Creature Corner (A Collection of Gill-man Merch Spanning Over 50 Years!

I made a joke recently on the SMF Facebook Page when I posted the picture above how Mr. Gill-man has filed a restraining order against me . . . Well since then I've added some more items to my collection so I figured while I have the day off thanks to "Sandy" why not make a more detailed post about my "Creature Corner"!

The first item up is still my favorite, it was made by Terry Cruikshank and stands almost two feet tall!
Terry's work is something else and I plan on getting some more of his dolls in the future maybe even that walks among us!

Next up is a rare SOAKY Figure from the 60s. I was asked by a Facebook Friend named Richard if I was interested in buying it and my reply was "Hell Yeah"!
I only became aware of these about a month before that purchase and couldn't find one on Ebay in good shape, but this one is perfect!

Speaking of rare, here is a Glow In The Dark "Remco" figure still on it's card. This was purchased off Ebay a few weeks ago!

The first Creature I ever recall owning was the one put out by Burger King in the 90s (as seen in the pic below second from the right), the others included are one from "Jack in the Box", "Side Show" and "Lego"

Here's a BK Toy still in it's bag that I scored for a mere $3 at a Monster Mania.

The Lego Toy I posted above out of the box comes from the new "Monster Fighters" Collection. Damn I wish they made these when I was younger!

You can't have a Creature Collection without some Home Media. Here is my VHS tapes and the DVD Collection, I asked for the Blu-ray Universal Monsters Collection for X-mas so hopefully Santa makes due on that!

This guy was made by Hasbro and was purchased at Chiller's 2012 Fall Show.

At that same show I meet Julia Adams aka "Kay" from the first Creature Movie and had her sign this figure since she was included with the Gill-man!

Speaking of meeting starts from the movie, at last March's Mad Monster Party I meet Ricco Browning and got him to sign a print of Chris Kuchta's Print Below!

Here's a Wax Candle I found at a show. Pretty cool to see that much detail in something meant to be lit on fire!

The next items are part of my magnets collection . . .

Now how about some Creature Pogs? Yes these actually happened!

A month ago I was looking for cheap Halloween items at a Dollar Store in Center City and found this Dusty Mask from 1991 for sale! I couldn't believe my luck!

One of the strangest Creature items made in my opinion is this one of him on a Skateboard from the "Monster Shredders" line lol

I have a couple cars from the "Johnny Lighting" line featuring Gill-man art on the side.

An unopened Puzzle Box

A Bobble-head and a weird hanging head thing . . .

A Few Stuff Animals with the biggest one being purchased from my friend Jed at last Summer's Blobfest that I dubbed my "Gill-son"

And speaking of "Gill-son" I'll end things with this picture here when he was on his ride to his new home!

Well that's everything for now. I hope you enjoyed what you've seen and if you come across any cool Creature stuff you think I'd like shoot me a message!

- Tom