Monday, October 1, 2012

Monster Mania 23 . . .

I was to busy having to much fun to take any notes for a great recap, so most of this past weekend's Monster Mania 23 in Maryland would have redundant anyway cause once again I spent most of my time drinking in the Hotel e Rom (Inside joke) that I shared with Jay & Steve! My friends Jeff, Kat, and Claire were in the room next door so a full on drink fest took place along with my friends Tom, Nick, and Nicki on the outdoor patio . . . You had to be there, Hell maybe you were cause a lot of it was a blur! Saturday some of Jeff's and Kat's friends were there so I hung with them and did more Con stuff then the night before.

Between the two days I got to meet Asia Argento, Heather Langenkamp (Nancy from elm Street), and see a impromptu pushup challenge between "Flash Gordon" Actor Sam Jones and "Big Daddy" from Land of the Dead!

I bought  some neat stuff . . .

Before I end this . . .
Besides everyone I already gave shout out to, it was nice to also see Kristy Jett, Zach, Rob & Kim Dimension, Chris Ott, Jeff Zornow, Lisa, Sean and George ( from )

And That's That's


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Hope to see you at HorrorHound this spring!

  2. It was a fair show, the fun was all cause of the people I became friends with :)

    I need to get myself to another HorrorHound for sure, I'll keep you posted

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