Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Damn October was a Crazy Month!

From Monster Mania 23 in Maryland until this past weekend's 24 Horror-thon I've had something to do every weekend. It was nice to sit back these last couple of days, rest up and let it all sink in . . . Also it was fun to actually update the Blog while I was home. Due to my schedule I felt bad, neglecting it big time as of late. Here is somewhat of a recap & highlights from the last four weeks or so . . .

Early in October I got to see Adam Ant in Philly. It was his first tour in over 15 years. Dude killed it, singing for about 2 Hours straight and not missing a beat!

I got to see Halloween III: Season of the Witch not once but twice in 35mm! The first time being at The Colonial Theatre and the second at Exhumed 24 Hour Horror-thon.

Here's some pics from the Colonial 10/12 Show:

Pregaming at P.J. Ryan's

Candy Corn Beer?

Kat and I

The Marquee outside the Colonial!

Me doing my best "Little Buddy" pose!

Silver Shamrock!

The next morning I brought Jeff and Kat to Zern's where we found all kinds of crazy stuff including a "Creepshow" Comicbook and a roster with a werwolf mask (Werecock?):

After "Zerns" Kat, Jeff, Ricky, Nicole, and I went to the Pennhurst Asylum that evening. It was fun, but I think I would hold off on going back for a few years. We went threw the four attractions pretty fast. I think they need to add more things to do, maybe a hayride or something!

The following weekend on Saturday my friends Nick and Niki hosted without a doubt the funniest Halloween Party I have ever been too. I am the guy wearing the mask holding the heart ;)

That Sunday we had a SMF Party dubbed "Rocktober". Movies such as "Get Crazy" and "Shock'em Dead" went over well and the Rolling Stones doc "The Cocksucker bBues" was also a hit.

And finally the last weekend of this month was the one-two punch of Chiller and Exhumed Films. Along with a trip to "Blairstown" aka the home of Jason!

Save for a trip to Maryland this Saturday I will be home a lot more in November so there should be more blogging around these parts!

- Tom

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