Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christine's Top 15 Metal Songs

Hello Shit Movie peoples! This is Christine. I'm the quiet one that cooks the food, makes the banners for the site, makes sure all of the bodies are buried deep enough not to create a lingering smell... Anyway, this post is a sort-of response to Chris's top 15 metal songs...which I have some small issues with.

In all honesty, this list does not stand in contest to, but rather, an addition to Chris's 15 Top Metal Songs. These are specifically Christine's top 15 Metal Songs, i.e. my fifteen favorite boot stompin', head bangin', baby killin' songs of all time (up to this point in my life), and also bands I think should be included in a "best of."

So here you are, the ladies' pick...

If you are not listening to Stinking Lizaveta, I don't know how to help you recover your coolness. 

 I think The Devil's Blood has some subliminal message in their songs, because I listened to this album for 3 months strait when I first bought it...But honestly this is one of the best female front women singing right now. 10 years from now, Devil's Blood will be higher on my list. 

 Oof...the only thing better than this song is this band's amazeballs stage show...Like Devil's Blood, Ghot is relatively new, which is why they are so far back.
 These are some bad ass asians. I'm not sure if Shitlack is the "best" song on this album, but I sure love it. I know a lot of grind core has come before Wormrot...but I think what these guys do with a guitar is illegal in 27 states. 
 One of the chiller Pig Destroyer songs in terms of pace, which is probably why I like it best...Pig Destroyer is a band that I wish had more albums so I can listen to them all back to back for 24 hours strait. 

 This song is equal parts cool doomy rock and silly lyrics. Lurve. Pentagram is one of those odd, rediscovered treasures of the late 70's. Great stuff. 

 This fucking song! 

 No, wait, THIS fucking song! 

 Burning Witch is an acquired taste...good

 I love Javelina...I love this whole album. This song makes the list because it is fucking long which means MOAR JAVELINA. I'm not sure what sort of place they hold in history, but I havn't heard a song by them I didn't like.

 The fact that Cannibal Corpse did not make it onto Chris's list makes me sad. This one's my favorite toe tapper! 
Drink half a bottle of whiskey, put on your shit kickers and stomp on something. Mastodon is one of those bands that has morphed significantly over time, but their old stuff still holds up as some amazing work.

 God, it's fucking Pantera. Just pick a song and it's probably awesome. 

 I try to start every day with Warbots A.M. Cephalic Carnage is just insane, experimental jazz fusion and grindy madness. Greatness. 

 Black Sabbath is No. 1 because they're goddamn Black Sabbath. 

POW! Hate the list? Kill yourself. It's just a stupid list.
-Christine Larsen


  1. The world need more "Ghost" and "Burning Witch", thanks for making me aware of both of those bands in the last couple years!