Monday, October 29, 2012

Chiller Fall 2012 Recap . . .

Well so far I posted about my visits this weekend to Camp Blood and Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon. Now it's time for the recap of my trip to Chiller!

After leaving "Camp Blood" it took us about a half hour to get to the new hotel that was now hosting Chiller. It was still in the same area of Parsippany but the place was a lot bigger and looked like a Castle!

( Credit: Horror Nerd )

I was staying the night with my Con buddies Jay and Steve of Icon vs. Icon. After checking-in we had some beers back at the room since we couldn't grab tickets for another hour or so.

There were a lot of guests that I wanted to meet at this show, but I cut down my "must have" list when I got there due to time and finical reasons. Before I made it into the Celeb area I did a quick once over in the dealers' rooms.

I have a tradition of buying something Gill-man related at every show and this Con was no different. So my first purchase of the night was an awesome doll from Hasbro like the one below.

Also in the dealers' room I found another doll that I have always wanted. That being the Living Dead Doll "Sheena". She was missing her bat, but I got it for $5 so no biggie.

That is all I bought all night which is a godsend because I am running out of space for all the shit I own! I met back up with Jay and Steve at where else? The Bar. We hung there until about 7pm and then the real fun started!

The guest I most wanted to meet was Andrew McCarthy. The dude was awesome and very kind. We talked some about one of my favorite movies made in Philly "Mannequin"!

Over the course of the night I also met the following people . . .

Julia Adams who played "Kay" in the original Creature from the Black Lagoon!

Julia was super nice and being a huge Creature fan I was glad to finally got to meet her. She signed one of my toys that has her in it.

Caitlin O'Heaney from the very underrated slasher "He Knows You're Alone".

Tony Ganios aka "Meat" in Porky's and "Perry" in The Wanders.

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake 

Brutus was a wrestler I loved when I was a kid so it was great to see him doing well and enjoying himself!

And finally . . . Adrienne Barbeau! She was the best guest I meet in some time. Such a nice lady and took time to make everyone in her line feel special!

I got her book while I was there and she signed something Creepshow related . . . 

Besides the guests, I caught up with my friends Todd, Rachel, Greg, Nick, Niki, Melissa, Mike Smash and Tiff throughout the night. After that I spent the rest of the night drinking and eating pizza back at the room, but I didn't go too crazy since I had to get up at 5:30 AM to make my way back to Philly for Exhumed Films!

Sorry if this was a lackluster recap. Besides what I wrote not much happened. I will say I really look forward to going back to the hotel again next spring. It was a huge huge improvement over the last place!

- Tom

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