Thursday, October 25, 2012

Burnin' for You! (A Tribute to Cropsey)

In the mid to late 90s I went on a tear renting just about any classic and most of the time not-so classic Slasher Films I could get my hands on! My local Ma & Pa" Video Store "Moonlight Video" and  
the "West Coast Video" in my area never disappointed when it it came to finding the popular stuff, but ever once in awhile someone from school or at "Lost Boys" the local comic book shop I frequented would recommend me a movie and that's when I would usually come up empty! I forget who first told me of the 1981 Slasher Film "The Burning", but after going to the two places I mentioned above I was told both stores had copies at one time or another, but they were rented out and never returned . . . bummer! Lucky for me around this time I was starting to use Ebay and was able to find a copy on there that was billed as an uncut special edition! What I got was a glorified bootleg  . . . but fuck it I was happy to finally be able to see what I was missing!

(My first copy of this Classic Film)

Since that first viewing I've ranked "The Burning" as my favorite slasher film right behind "The Dream Warriors" and "Final Chapter"!
Cropsey was a very interesting killer that you couldn't help feeling sympathy towards, it features a young "George Costanza" with a nice head of hair, and some of Tom Savini's best effects that help make scenes "The Raft" deaths an instant classic!

Since I been busy all this month doing "Halloween" Related Stuff with friends, I put aside some time this evening aside for a little tribute of posters, pictures, and other cool shit for Slasherdom's Unforgettable Caretaker!

First let's start with Lou David, the man who played "Cropsey"!

I was fortunate enough to meet Lou at his very first Horror Convention, that being March 2012's Monster Mania . . .
Meeting Lou was a dream come true and it was something I didn't think would ever happen since I he never did the con circuit up to that point. In the Fall of 2011 "Phantom City Creative" teamed up with "Mondo" to put out the fantastic poster you see below and that what I got Mr. David to sign!

If you ever happen to be at a show where Lou is a guest don't hesitate on meeting him, he's very friendly and loves talking about the movie!

That picture was taken at the recent Monster Mania in Maryland (MM23)
This guy is one of the best cos-players in the game, I ran into him as also the Creeper and Dr. Loomis over the years!

Next up is something I received as a gift from my good friend John "Freddy In Space" Squires, besides running my favorite horror blog around John has awesome taste in gifts cause he sent me this "Clay Guy Figure" of Cropsey for my Birthday last Spring!

The Clayguy has so many great figures for sale but John knew which one I'd want the most!

Next up are some posters for the movie, the first half feature posters for when the movie was first released and the later half are some of the best custom posters I found on the interwebs!

(News Paper Ad from Philly)

Fangoria #27

The Infamous Shitty DVD Cover

Now that's more like it!

Now for the Customs!

This figure was made by my friend Stacy Still of "Stacy Still Reviews" (Facebook / Blog)

(Trevor Henderson)

(Wooden Cropsey by "Panzarm31614)

(Bryan Baugh)

And finally here's a "What If" Sequel Poster 
that was made by "The Strange Kid Club"!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post on one of my favorite Slashers, this time next Saturday I will be watching the movie in the woods of Maryland as part of 2012's Season of the Witch . . .
I just hope Cropsey doesn't show up!

- Tom

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