Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Happenings/Events for the SMF Page!

With Summer pretty much over, that prelude to Fall of my favorite time of the year is about to knick into high gear! Here's what I have on tap so far this month!

Tomorrow September 2nd we celebrate our 2nd Anniversary!
We are going with a Splatter Theme SMF Party this time around so expect to be grossed out . . . but it will all be in good fun!
The line-up includes "Burning Moon", "Freaked", "The Stuff", "Meet the Feebles", and "The Mold"

Friday 9/7 I'm getting to see Pumpkinhead at The Colonial Theatre in 35mm

The next day I'm heading to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire (Site) with my friends Jeff, Kat, and Claire!
Can't to have me another Turkey Leg and chug Cider beer out of a boot!

9/18 Borderlands 2 comes out! Been waiting for this game for a long time and might be going M.I.A. on here for a week or so after it's released!

9/28 - 9/30 Heading down to Maryland for Monster Mania!

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