Monday, September 10, 2012

Recap of my Fall-tastic Weekend!

Here a quick recap of my past weekend and the start of the Fall-tastic Season! 

Friday after work I headed up to to Phoenixville, Pennsylvania to meet up with my friends Jeff, Katherine , and Claire.
The 3 of them were in town for the Colonial Theatre's 35mm Screening of Pumpkinhead that night and since plans were also made to check out the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire the next morning we decided to get a room at Hampton Inn outside of Phoenixville. 

I got to the room first so I put some beers on ice and unwind watching Rambo 3 on TV, when they go there we pregamed the Pumpkinhead screening while drinking what else but some Pumpkin Beers.

Our thoughts of the "River Horse Hipp-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin Ale", "Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale" , and the "Southampton Publick House Pumpkin Ale" will be posted soon on the Tavern of Terror website soon!

When we ran out of beer, we headed into town and got drinks and food at Molly Maguire which is down the street from  the Colonial and before you knew it it was time for the movie!

It's been a couple years since I watched Pumpkinhead but it has always ranked pretty high on my list for many of reasons . . . for one the creature design it's self is top notch and it also  feats on of my favorite Lance Henriksen roles Ed Harley. Lance gives a gut wrenching performance as "Ed" and I couldn't picture anyone else being a better fit for that character! Oddly enough the cut of the movie we watched was when the movie was released as "Vengeance - The Demon" so it was funny to see that title pop up during the opening credits.

After "V.T.D." was over I seen a lot of familiar faces in the lobby, including Chris Garofalo of Quiltface-Studios who had this amazing Pumpkinhead Poster for sale!
And yes I got an extra one who can enter to win right

Also on display was this very Cool "Pumpkinhead" Bust made by John Tatarelli Jr.

For more of John's work check out the link below:

After leaving the Colonial we headed back to the hotel for a little more partying but not to much since we wanted to get an early start on the Renn Faire . . .

Saturday we made to Manheim, PA a little before 11am, compared to last year when I went to the Faire it was a lot less crowded which I was grateful for.
I was disappointed that they weren't selling the famous Boot of Beer Glasses yet, but I still managed to drink and eat my heart out. Here are some pictures from that day's adventure!
Making New Friends

Let's all point and laugh!

Solving the maze first

The Battle Ground!

It's not a boot of beer sadly!

Turkey Leg!

Not the Beeeeeesssss!

Around 2pm there was a major storm coming our way, so we called it a day early to beat it, the ride home was horrible since it was very difficult to see more then 10 feet ahead of you! The rest of the night I took it easy and did a "Death Wish" & "Vigilante" double feature!

Sunday I planned on being lazy and laying around the house watching some Football, but I got a text that morning from my friend Steve to come down to Maryland cause he had an extra ticket for the Orioles/Yankees game at Camden Yards . . . how could pass that up?!?

So I took the 90 miles trip down on short notice and had a hell of a time, it was odd watching a game where you weren't rooting for either team but that park is so nice and the food was great that I really enjoyed myself.

When I got home I really wanted to watch the Denver/Pitt game but I was in bed by 9pm cause this weekend Kicked My Ass!

But all in all this was a great kickoff to my favorite time of the year!
 Thanks again Jay, Claire, Kat, Steve, and Kira for all the fun!

- Tom

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