Sunday, August 5, 2012

The SMF Horror Six Pack #1 (A Collection of Horror Themed Beers!)

I first become aware of Frank Browning's art in the last couple months from his past work on numerous Blogs and Facebook pages I frequent.
For Freddy In Space he brought back The Fright Flicks Trading Cards , he made all the cool banners for Robocop's Sad Side's "Slaterocalypse Week" , and when Doctor Terrors Blog of Horrors had their famed "Italian Horror Week" Frank was highly involved in that also!

When I posted this collection of Awesome Beers Labels on the BLog a few months back it got me thinking how cool it would be if there were a line of Horror Themed Beers or what kind of Beers the fictional Towns in are favorite Horror Series would drink! After seeing Frank's work I knew he was my goto Guy for this endeavor and after messaging him some possible names &  ideas here's the Awesomeness he came up with for the very first SMF Horror Six Pack!

First up is a beer Inspired by the movie "Pumpkinhead" is a Pumpkin Ale that you can only find at Ed Harley's General Store!

This next beer might be the most unsafest to drink on the list, inspired by the Cult Classic "The Toxic Avenger", we bring you Troma's Toxic Brew!
The third beer comes from the town of Haddonfield and is best enjoyed around the "Halloween" season!

Our forth beer is a real Nightmare and is brewed by a man named Fred Krueger in a boiler room located in Springwood, Ohio!

This fifth beer is "Sam's Select" and was inspired by the criminally underrated movie "Trick 'r Treart"!
Follow Sam's Rule and he might just let you have a second one!

And rounding out the very first SMF Horror Six Pack is a lager from Friday the 13th's Crystal Lake! 
Drink for Mommy, Jason!

And as an added bonus, here is a shout out to "They Live"  . . .
This Is You God!

Frank thanks again for pulling all this off,
 you combined two of my favorite things in the world Beer and Horror Movie to Perfection! 

I wish I could reach into the Shit Movie Fest Cooler and pull anyone of these Bad Boys out!
Hell I'd even share one with our Zuni Cooler Guard!

To see more of Frank Browning's Work please click HERE, and since the feedback to these bottle was so positive, he and I will be working follow up next month!

- Tom

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