Thursday, August 30, 2012

SMF, Icon vs Icon, and Freddy in Space's Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party

Over the last few week I've had a fever and the only prescription is more Pumpkin Beer!

Since I almost got shutout last year for not knowing that most distributors put their shipments of Pumpkin and Oktoberfests Beers out way before the Fall begins, I made sure to stay up on top of things this time around and not make that mistake again this year!
I hit up a Roger Wilco in New Jersey ,and the Bella Vista Beer Distributor & Hawthorne Cafe in Philly. Between those stores scored over 20 different types of Pumpkin Ales!

But I didn't drink them all by myself, I had help from my friends over at Freddy in Space and Icon vs. Icon in two separate Beer Tasting Parties! (One at John aka Freddy In Space's House and the other with Icon vs Icon during the Monster Mania Weekend)
Below are the results of the First Ever "SMF/IvsI/FIS Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party!" 

(Please Note)
Now while we all enjoyed what Blue Moon, Shock Top, Sam Adams, Dogfish, and the Southern Tier Brewing Companies put out this Fall,  for this write-up I'm focusing more on what the smaller breweries had to offer! Here Goes . . .

Tom Atkins's Mustache in Season of the Witch(The Best of the Lot)

1. Harpoon's Pumpkin Cider 
(Shared with Jay and Steve of Icon vs Icon)
Apples &Pumpkins Mixed with Spice make for a great mix, and while this was the best one I had so far this year, I think Steve's quote of "It's Like Autumn Shot A Load In My Mouth!" like it the most of the 3 of us!

2. Weyerbacher's Imperial Pumpkin Ale
(Shared With Jay and Steve)
Besides Pumpkins it also features Cinnamon,Nutmeg,Cardamom, and Cloves . . . This is my kind of I.P.A. 

3. Fegley's Devious 
(Shared With Jay and Steve)
At 9% this was the strongest one we had all night, it was also the spiciest. This was more of a sipping beer cause a few of these and I know I'd be on my Ass!

4. Ship Yard's Pumkinhead
 (Shared with John aka Freddy In Space)
After much recommendation from friends I finally got to try this brew this year and it lived up to the hype, besides the Harpoon above I'd more then likely be picking up another case of this before the season ends!

It's the So-So Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Middle of the Pack)
All the these beers in this section are worth checking out, but aren't in the same league of the ones above . .
 e.g. I did found the "Ichabod" to be way to bitter and we had the Post Road at the end of the night so we were feeling it by then but still found it pretty weak!

1. Untia Punk'n

2. Lakeford Pumpkin Ale  

3. New Holland Ichabod Ale 

4. Post Road

These beers deserves a date with The Headless Horseman (Avoid at All Costs!)

1. Tommy Knocker
(Shared with Freddy in Space)
This was GOD-AWFUL, and talking to the people at Hawthrone Cafe this is one of the worst beers out there this year!

2. Wild Onion
(Shared with Icon vs Icon)
I picked this up cause it was in a can and I wanted to tried it, it was the sucks!
Steve says "It's a Can of Ass"

3. Buffalo Bill's American Original 
  (Shared with Freddy in Space)
Tasted like water, not Pumpkin flavored water . . . Water!

4. Smutty Nose Pumpkin Ale
(Shared with Icon)
To be honest this wasn't that horrible, just wasn't the flavor I was hoping for in a Pumpkin Beer!
I wouldn't mind trying this as a Draft though!

Well that concludes the wrap up of our 1st (Annual?) Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party!
I had a lot of fun getting Drunk with you guys as always!

The Monster Mania Hotel Aftermath!

Wow It's not even September yet so I'm thinking of trying to hold off from drinking any more until October, but that won't stop me from stocking up!
- Tom


  1. That's some variety of beer! The taste of "Smutty Nose Pumpkin Ale" is fine, personally. I first got a taste of this beer during my cousin's birthday last year, if can still remember. I also agree that "Fegley's Devious" is strong. On the night we drank Fegley's Devious, one of my friends walked home staggering.

    Corey Glenn

    1. We will a winter beer list up soon, here's a look at what will be featured:

    2. "I strongly agree with what Corey had to say. :) In my own opinion, ""Fegley's Devious"" isn't that strong - it's just fine. By the way, since you mentioned about your winter beer list, I'll state my top five winter beer list:

      1. Samichlaus
      2. Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome Ale
      3. Young's Winter Warmer
      4. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
      5. Schlafly Christmas Ale

      Have you tasted any of these, bro? :)"

      Rob Feckler

    3. Not as of yet but I will look out for them

  2. Rob has a good winter beer list. The last three brands are included in my top 10 list, actually. You should try them! The last three that were mentioned: Young's Winter Warmer, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and Schlafly Christmas Ale, are really good tasting beer.

    Jessie Henn

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