Monday, August 20, 2012

Monster Mania 22 Highlights . . .

Another Monster Mania in the bag and while I came home with less coolness from the Dealer's Rooms then I usually do, I still managed to have maybe the best time at a Convention in recent memory thanks to some Amazing Friends I have meet over the past few years! Rather then a recap of this past weekend's events, here are some highlights and pictures from Monster Mania 22!

I spent most of my weekend hanging in and around the Marriott Hotel with my friends John ( ), Jen, Jeff, Katherine, and Claire. Since I couldn't book a room at the actual hotel, so I was way up the street at the Hoilday Inn, the crew I just mentioned hooked me up with a lot of cold beers, great stories, and allowed me to store my stuff there instead of hiking back up the road to the Inn. Very thankful for that.

While the Guest Lineup for this show was very good, I been cutting back as of late on my quest for signatures. I narrowed it down to just two people that I wanted to meet this time around, that being Carl Weathers and Nacy Allen.
The line to meet Carl wasn't to bad Friday night, but the room he was in was hot as balls and I was staring to sweat like I just went 15 Rounds with the Master of Disaster before I even meet him . . . I meet him along with Jeff, Kat, and Claire and gotta say it was an awesome experience! Carl's "Apollo Creed" is an Icon to me and I'm glad to say he was a Class Act 100%

Here's us recreating the famous Famous Predator Scene and below that is the 8x10 I got signed "There is no Tomorrow"!

Also that night I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy Allen! Brian De Palma is on of my favorite director and I had to meet the woman he casted so many times in so many great movies!
Nancy was very friendly and my since my friend Chris Tanski & I caught her while her line was empty we got talked to her for a good while.

To Tom "You Eat Shit"!

After meeting Nancy I spent some time in the dealers room caching up with my friends Chris Ott of  London 1888 , Mike Smash of "Curious Goods", Sean from VHSPS, and Chris Garofalo of Quiltface-Studios who donated this awesome Hellraiser Print for the SMF Contest Seen (HERE)

I also made some purchases around this time, including movies from, a "Mac & Me" Poster, and figures of both Robocop & Leslie Vernon!

The night ended with me hanging with John and Jen who got there late Friday Night, even though I just saw them the weekend before I was already missing them by this weekend and we hung out for a few hours drinking some beers and shooting the shit. Great way to end the night!

Saturday I didn't spend all that much time down stairs at the show, couldn't stand the "crowd funk" smell the extra people brought, so more time was spent with Jeff, Kat, Claire, and my friend Kevin drinking.
I was waiting for my friends from Icon vs. Icon Jay and Steve to arrive since we were sharing the Holiday Inn Room together. I think it was around 8ish when we made it back over to there and since we were all kinds of beat from the Con we skipped out on the Saturday Night Hotel Lobby Gathering and held our own Pumpkin Beer Tasting Party! (Look For A Review Up On this Blog Soon!)
 The Aftermath!

If I was staying at the hotel I would have made an appearance Sunday morning, but after checking out and dealing with some car trouble I wasn't really up for it!
And besides it was nice to got home with money still in my pocket for once!

Thanks to everyone cool I hung out with this weekend, I'm looking very forward to the show next month in Maryland and seeing everyone again, but for now I'm giving my liver a rest. I'll end things with some misc pics from the rest of the weekend that I took or were in . . .

- Tom

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