Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hellraiser Poster Give-A-Way!

The Hellraiser print you see above is from my Good Friend Chris Garofalo (of Quiltface-Studios) and will be debuting at the upcoming Monster Mania 22 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey . . . 
Since I know there's a good chance a lot of the SMF Readers won't be able to make the trek to Cherry Hill next weekend we are giving you a chance to Win One Right Here!

Ok So Here's All You Have All You Have To Do Enter For This Give-A-Way . . .
First I ask for you to please Join/Like the Quiltface FaceBook Page which can be found right HERE, then after doing that come back to this Contest Page and Post In The Comments Section Below that you joined Quiltface and also tell us what your Favorite Scene from the Hellraiser Series is.
That's All There Is To It!

The Deadline for this Give-A-Way is Midnight August 23rd, so have your entry in by then and please also include your Email Address in your Comment so I can reach you if "you solved the box!
 All entries will be given a Number and a Winner will be picked out using the Quick Random Number Generator on my phone, so best of luck and thanks playing!

PS Don't Forget About This Limited Edition "Poltergeist" Poster that's also up for grabs here until 8/20!

You Can Find That Contest In The Link Below!



    i would say the first time we see Pinhead in the film

  2. There are too many scenes to choose from, but I would have to say that "my favorite" is the church scene in the 1st Hellraiser movie. At the time I was attending Catholic school, and would have loved for pinhead to show up during mass exclaiming- I AM THE WAY.... This is my body- this is my blood- happy are they that come to MY supper.

    Would LOVE to win!!! Thanks!!
    (Liked the quiltface page, and liked the cover pic)

  3. I liked the Quiltface Page.

    My favorite scene is from the first movie when Franks body comes out of the floor and puts itself back together. The fx are amazing.


  4. I liked that page so hard.

    I remember watching it as a kid during a double horror-flick feature with Candyman. The church scene, where the cross melted into the priest's hand, was pretty neat.

    Show me some love.

  5. I liked teh Quiltface page..
    and my fave scene is when he says:
    "We'll tear your soul apart! "

  6. I've liked the Quiltface page fo daaaaaaaayyyyyyyyzzzzzzzz

    Favorite scene would be from the first film, where Frank first comes back. The SFX for that scene were simply mind blowing to me and still hold up well today.

    Runner up would be any time Paula Marshall's legs are shown in part 3. I mean, damn.

  7. I liked dat page...

    My favorite scene in Hellraiser is when that cricket eating homeless guy turns into a dragon skeleton that breaths fire. What a crazy way to conclude a crazy ass film.

    Thank you,

  8. I liked the fuck out of that quiltface page. I just saw his Friday the 13th part VII poster in person over at Tromeric's house today. It looks amazing.

    My favorite Hellraiser scene has to be frank's reformation into a skinless horror. The effects blew my mind the first time I saw it.

  9. I liked the Quiltface page!!!!

    My favorite scene is from Hellraiser: Hellbound, When Dr. Channard cenobite floats into the hospital and his hands spit out knife tentacles and says "I recommend amputation, hahahahaha"


  10. I liked that page a bit ago. My favorite scene from the Hellraiser series is when the Cenobites show up for the first time in the original. The first time I saw it, I was young and that scene stuck in my head all these years. The lights/fog were creepy and when they emerge, it still gives me goosebumps to this day.
    Thank You

  11. liked the quiltface page. Any scene with CD from Hellraiser: Hell on Earth due mostly to sheer ridiculousness.

  12. Liked the quiltface page

    My favorite scene is the first appearance of the cenobites

  13. I liked the Quiltface page. My favorite scene from Hellraiser would have to be in Hellbound when Pinhead makes the "Pain" speech, then turns the twin security guards into a conjoined cenobite duo.


  14. i liked the Quiltface page. when Pinhead talked to Kristen for the first time.

  15. id have to say my favorite scene is in hellraiser III,or hellbound..... "Pain? How dare you use that word?... What you think of as pain is a shadow. Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you. Gentlemen, I... Am... Pain."

  16. Already had been liking Quiltface Studios on fb...but:
    in the Second movie when Spencer Elliot purchases the Lament Configuration(aka LeMarchand's Box)"What's your pleasure, sir?" then becomes Pinhead.
    Who could forget other classic lines?
    "Time to play."
    or from the third one, "I am the way!"
    - btw - Chris@ Quiltface designed my logo a few years ago and I still get raves about it when I hand people my card.

  17. LIKED (Joined) Quiltface on Facebook

    I have to say church scene all the way.

  18. Liked the page.

    I think my favorite scene/line is:

    "God? Do I look like someone who cares what god thinks?"

    Can't remember the movie but its not a test of knowledge so oh well.

  19. Liked Quiltface on the Facebook

    My favorite scene is in the third movie when Pinhead is released from the Pillar of Souls.As he explodes through the door he says "Shall we begin" and proceeds to massacre the club.

  20. all tho there are thousands of great moments in hellraiser history pin head moment like from hellraiser 4 blood lines where pin head is talking to the toy maker john la merchant and john la merchant says (( My God )) after seeing pin head for the first time and pin head says (( do i really look like someone who really cares what god thinks , even then that moment was great and almost rivals my favorite moment in hellraiser 3 where pin head enters the church goes up the the catholic priest pulls 2 pins from his own head with his brain matter still attached re pins them in each hand and holds his arms out from side to side tilting his head down and to the right like jesus on the cross and says i am the way and laughs

  21. I liked the QuiltFace page.

    Best kill is Hell on Earth when Pinhead hooks, skins and "eats" the chick.

  22. You are the winner "
    -Melissa "