Monday, August 20, 2012

Class of 1984 (30 Years Later!)

Mark L. Lester's "Class of 1984" has long been my favorite movie ever made and since it was Released 30 Years ago today
I remember the first time I saw "Class of 1984" on Channel 48 WGTW-TV (Good TV to Watch) back in the early 90s . . .
Even though it was cut to shreds since it was on regular TV, It served as my introduction into violent exploitation cinema and soon would become one of those movies I rent numerous times at the video store!
I always felt this movie was way ahead of it's time, underrated, and is right up there with "A Clockwork Orange" in terms of showing a society overrunned by young but very violent sociopaths . . .

Since it hits the Big 30 today, I figured why not do a Poster, Shirts, and Home Video Gallery in Honor of that Milestone!


Home Video/DVD:


(Credit: Rotten Cotten)

Books Covers:

Movies and Sequels Inspired by Class of 1984:

And now I leave you now with the Movie's Trailer and Theme Song Sung by Alice Cooper!

- Tom

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