Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Year Ago Day We Lost A True Legend . . .

SpeedBud The 3rd!

SpeedBud #3 was the Bestest Cat Ever, my family got him in the Fall of 1993 and he was still with us until last July.

The origin of the name "SpeedBud" can be traced all the way back to 1987 when five year old me named my first kitten after my Aunt's two cats Speedy and Buddy. Since then the name just sticked and it became sort of a Dr. Who style "Regeneration" when ever one died he was replaced but another Small Grey Kitten, but since I already have 2 Cats, I have yet to keep this tradition going as of right now.

Here's some Pics from SpeedBud's time on Earth . . .

This was taken in 94, I remember this day this day well because the guy the Veterinarian hired to be Santa Claus was allergic to cats! And that's how I ended up in the picture holding SpeedBud and not him.
(P.S. there was no Flood that day, even though my pants say otherwise lol)

The True "King of the Ring"!

A Better Xmas Photo then the one above!

The Whole Gang, and one of favorite WTF is "Dexter" doing pics!



And Finally . . .
 They say that his Ashes are in this Box, I can only hope cause if having a box of Cat Ashes isn't strange enough, it's all the worse if it wasn't actually your Cat!

Still Missing Ya Speed :(

- Tom


  1. RIP :( sucks to loose a pet but it looks like you have it a great life