Monday, July 9, 2012

Shit Movie Fest is going "On the Road"!

Interstate Draft House is hosting our very first (and hopefully not last) public event.

The show will be a Double Feature of the most gas guzzlin', cop chasin', bar brawlin', car fetishizin', mother-truck lovin' road movies you have ever seen.

See! HOT Asphalt, HOT Engines & HOT Women

Experience! NO cover, just the price you pay for running from John Q Law.


"Convoy" (1978) - The greatest beard of the 70s and the greatest pair of legs (Kris Kristofferson and Ali MacGraw respectively) run from Sheriff "Dirty Lyle" (the late and GREAT Ernest Borgnine), a renegade cop who will stop at nothing to stomp out their outlaw behavior, their youthful love and their CONVOY! Legendary director Sam Peckinpah, known for his ultra-violence on screen and his life destroying alcoholism off screen, has made a surprisingly lighthearted comedy that is grander than you might expect and better than anything based on a pop song deserves to be; a truly forgotten gem from the 70s.

"Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" (1974) – Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry are another pair of rebels against the world. Except these two hillbilly hippies hate each other's guts, are psychotic adrenaline addicts and have just robbed a supermarket owned by Roddy McDowall! The titular couple (Susan George and Peter Fonda) run from every cop in rural Illinois (headed by the stark Vic Morrow) in their ultra-suped up 1969 lime green Dodge Charger and into one of the most explosive endings in movie history. "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" presents the most realistic car stunts ever filmed; faster, more dangerous and CRAZIER than anything you have ever seen before.

So stop by next Wednesday in your muscle car, your Mack truck or your tricked out scooter. Just remember, “Keep the bugs off yer glass and the pigs off yer ass”!

The Where and When!
July 18th, 9:30pm Interstate Draft House
1235 E Palmer St
Phila PA 19125 


Some youtuber cut Fu Manchu's "Drive" to Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and it fucking rips! 

The End


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