Saturday, July 14, 2012

Recap of the 13th Annual "Blobfest"!

Here's a full recap of The 13th Annual "Blobfest"  held today in Phoenixville, PA . . .

The Blobfest is a celebration of the 1958 Classic Film "The Blob", Phoenixville the town in which it was shot in, and The Colonial Theatre where many of the key scenes from the movie take place.
On Friday the first night of the 3 day event they do a re-enactment of the famous "running from the theater" scene at The Colonial!

I have yet to take part in "The Run Out", but this was my second year in a row where I checked out the all day street fair that happens on day two. Well actually last year I had a ticket to see one of the later screenings of "The Blob" so I got to the party sorta late, all the classic car where all gone and the vendors were starting to pack up not long after I got there. This year I didn't plan to make that same mistake, and even though it was pouring rain where I left my house in Philly this morning I had no doubt that the trip would be worth it. Miraculously when I got to Phoenixville the Sun was out and the Party was already in full swing! 

My friends Jeff & Katherine were making the trip up from Maryland and they got there around the same time I arrived. There were people dressed as ghouls, a Rockabilly band jamming in the middle of the street, classic cars from the 50s & 60s on display, and Vendors galore!

Here's all the Cool Stuff I bought this morning!
From This Table Full With Universal Monster Toys, VHS Tapes, and old Books I got the following:

2 Bond Books and "Retief of the Cot" for a buck each!

Also for a dollar each on VHS I got "Freaked", "Mondo Cane", "The Maniac", "Asylum", and "The Birds"!

"Mars Attack" Lights!

I had one of these guys when I was a kid but lost it, so he had to come home to me!

From my friend Jed Quinn:
Meet Gill-Son!

"Popcorn" and "Hell Comes To Frogtown!" 

I just missed out on this cool Freddy Sun Visor for $5, but my friend Sean got it so it's all good!

Here are some pics of Stores/Bars that got in on the Blob Fun followed by the classic cars, and some other street happenings!

Blob Window Art Display!

Blob Drink Specials!

No Blob, you can't have her Diamonds

^ I want that sticker!

"Dead Drunk"

With Chris of Quiltface Studios . . .

 After grabbing lunch around 2pm at Molly Maguire's, we headed back over the theatre cause we had tickets for the 3:15 screening of The Blob that afternoon!
The show was a sellout so we weren't able to all sit together, but it still fun nonetheless. There's so much wooden acting in this movie you can't help but love it, and anytime the Colonial made an appearance on the screen everyone hooted and hollered!

These pics were all take around the time we went in to catch the movie and right after it.
The Actual Blob!

Dare Me to Touch It?

Diner Scene Model!

This is where the magic happens!

Seats from the 1940 being raffled off!

Side View of the Weekend Line Up!

Jeff, Kat, and I!

When we came out of the movie things were starting to wind down, just like last year the cars were starting to leave and the vendors were making their final sales, but this time I got to take it all in and with two really good friends!
Next year Jeff and Kat were already talking about making it to the run out so I know they enjoyed themselves also!

Well it was now time to go, I buckled my newly adopted Gill-son into the car and hit the road! 

Thanks again everyone involved in making "Blobfest" an awesome event, and a special thanks to Jeff and Kat! I had a Blast Hanging with you two today and I can't wait for the next one!

- Tom