Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Puffy Stickers 4 Life!

I think it goes with out saying you weren't truly a Pop Culture Icon of the 80s unless you had your own line of "Puffy Stickers"!
When I was younger and grocery shopping with my Mother I remember getting the WWF, A-Team, and He-Man ones that I gathered for this post, but seeing some of the ones that I didn't have like say "Dune" gave me a big laugh tonight!
Here's are some of the best, weirdest, and knockoff "Puffy Stickers" from the 80s!

So what Puffy Stickers do you remember owning?

- Tom


  1. I had no idea Sir Patrick Stewart's image graced the like of puffy stickers...

  2. I actually had those Ghostbuster ones... amazing. Thanks for the memories...

  3. These stickers are truly nostalgic. The cartoon stickers remind me of my childhood days as well Godzilla stickers. But MJ stickers I love the most. He was indeed an icon, certainly part of lives. custom stickers

  4. It is truly remarkable stickers. I hope i can find some of them in Indonesia. It's classic and difficult though. Visit my blog and you'll find Indonesian vintage stickers. I preserved it well in my museum. Thanks.

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