Monday, July 2, 2012

Phantom Fighter (A Forgotten NES Classic!)

When we viewed "A Chinese Ghost Story" at last week's "SMF: Zombies vs. Ninjas" Party it got me thinking of how much I miss playing the game "Phantom Fighter" for the NES!
Phantom Fighter came out right around the time I got a Nintendo so it was one of the earliest games I had along with the likes of RAMPAGE, Bad Dudes, and the Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt freebie that came with the system. 
The setup of the game was you went from town to town fighting Jiang Shi (Chinese "hopping" Vampires), think Castlevania without a Whip!
I was never quite good at the game when I was younger but looking at some of these youtube videos I would love to give it another shot since I still have the game (just no NES) or see it get a a reboot . . .

So who else here remembers Phantom Fighter or what are some other fighting games you think never received their due?

- Tom

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