Saturday, July 7, 2012

Limited Edition "Nightmare On Elm Street 4 & 5" Poster Give-A-Way!

Last Night The Colonial Theatre hosted a Freddy Double Feature screenings 35mm Prints of both "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master" & "A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child" . . .
As Promised on the Shit Movie Fest FaceBook Page here is the latest give-a-way featuring the two Limited Edition Nightmare On Elm Street Prints done for the show by JD Korejko . . .

To Enter All You Have To Do Is Post Below In The Board's Comment Section (Not The SMF FacePage Please) and Say What Your Favorite Scene is from both Elm Street 4 & 5!( That's all there is to it!)
The Deadline for this 2 Poster Give-A-Way is Midnight July 21st, so have your entry in by then and please also include your Email Address in your Comment so I can reach you if "A Winner Is You"!
 All entries will be given a Number and a Winner will be picked out using the Quick Random Number Generator on my phone, so best of luck and thanks playing!

BTW when you're done don't forget to show Jason some Love in this other SMF Give-A-Way!
That Contest Can Be Found Right (HERE) and Ends Midnight July 29th!

- Tom 


  1. Nightmare 4 - the invisible karate death match. Best "real fight" in a slasher movie other than the boxing match in Friday 8.

    Nightmare 5 - the Freddy rebirth scene or the scenes in the mental house with the nun. Probably the rebirth though. Or the final death scene at the end. For one of the lesser sequels it had a lot of cool scenes...

    Here's hoping I win - those posters are badass.

    - Aaron

  2. My favorite scene in part 4 (which is my favorite) is when Kristen is in her dream in the beginning and hears the claws and shouts out "Joey! Kincaid! Helppppp meeee!" and it cuts quickly to Kincaid snapping awake hearing the echo before flying backawards into his closet. I just found this scene very powerful since Dream Warriors holds a very close place in every Nightmare fan's heart. It was awesome to see them all together (even if Kristen had changed) Such a shame they were killed off so fast. I would have loved to see another movie with them kicking ass. For part 5 my favorite scene of course has to be Mr. Krueger on a skateboard going after Mark. I mean how many times honestly would you see that? I'm sure when audiences first saw the original they never thought that was going to happen!

  3. Part four is the cockroach scene. I still vividly remember seeing that in the theater. Part five either is the sweet A-Ha moment where dude becomes his comic. I get "Take on Me" stuck in my head just thinking about it. I also am really partial to the credits in part five.


  4. My favorite scene from A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 is easily the fighting scene. I don't know why, but I found this scene incredibly fun and entertaining.

    From a Nightmare on Elm Street 5, It has to be the when Mark and Freddy are battling it out in the comic.


  5. Part 4, when Alice and Dan are in the dream loop and keep starting over at the diner when they are trying to go save Debbie.

    Part 5- Dan becoming a motorcycle.

  6. My favorite scene from Part 4 is watching Debbie turn into a cockroach. This death that used to give me nightmares as a child. I am not a fan of bugs so just imagining turning into a bug just gives me the willies. Freddy gives some of the best death scenes ever and this one truly is the best of the best.

    To go along with that, my favorite scene from Part 5 is watching Greta "eat herself to death". Bizarre and over-the-top, it is one of the few deaths from The Dream Child that stand out as being really special in the grandness of it all.

    1. S.S, That scene alway bugged me also! I forced myself to watch it though last night without looking away for the first time since the 80s lol

  7. Without a doubt my favorite scene from The Dream Master is Debbie turning into the cockroach. Just an iconic scene in horror, one of my favorite scenes in the entire series.

    From the Dream Child I have always loved Super Freddy in the comic book death scene with Mark.

  8. My favorite scene from Dream Master has to be, when Rick is karatisizing Freddy's burnt ass! And once Rick thinks he has claimed victory by knocking Fred's glove off, Fred gets the upper hand and takes Rick out, with a claw to the chest, ending him once and for all!

    My favorite scene from Dream Child would have to be, when Freddy is in his chef outfit, serving Greta her own insides, BON APPETIT .... BITCH! I have to admit that I probably favor this scene more so because of that awesome ass spoon glove that Fred is rocking, I wouldn't have minded eating my Cap'n Crunch with one of those bad boys.

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  9. Would be the awesome makeup and special eefects of the cockroach and then hands down the motorcycle.

  10. From Nightmare 4: One of my favorite parts is "Wanna suck face?!" When Freddy kills Sheila in the classroom.
    From Nightmare 5: My favorite part is actually when they show what happened to freddy's mom when she was locked up in the tower.
    Great giveaway!! -Tiffany Santiago


    4 - Freddy being resurrected by being pissed on by Kincaid's dog.
    5 - The scene where Alice, as Amanda Krueger, gets locked in with the 1000 maniacs.

  12. the cockroach scene from part 4 and from part 5 i would have to say the freddie know how he was the son of 1,000 maniacs

  13. PT 4- Linnea Quigleys boobs
    PT 5- Motorcycle transformation

  14. Pt 4 : Joey in the Waterbed
    Pt 5 : Super Freddy

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  16. A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 is the final fight between Alice & Freddy, especially the rhyme "In the reflection of my mind's eye, evil will see itself and it will DIE!!!"

    A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 is when Mark, as The Phantom Prowler battles Freddy!

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  18. A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 is the fight between Alice & Freddy, the martial arts!

    A Nightmare On Elm Street 5, when Mark turns into the Phantom Prowler and battles Super Freddy!

  19. Part 4 - Freddy kills Rick. "Mmm... Rick, you little meatball."

    Part 5 - Freddy kills Greta. "Bon appetit, bitch!"

  20. Part 4 - roach motel scene, hands fucking down!

    Part 5 - The comic book battle with Mark and Freddy. . .can't remember the one-liner from that for the life of me though.

  21. Part 4 - The timeloop sequence finishing with Dan driving the truck into invisible Freddy.

    Part 5 - Greta being fed her own guts (sequence was cut... hope it still counts!)

  22. the moment in a nightmare on elm st 4 when alice gets sucked into the cinema screen A Nightmare On Elm Street 5, when Mark turns into the Phantom Prowler and battles Super Freddy!

  23. Nightmare 4 my favorite scene is the junkyard scene starting with freddys resurrection and kincaids death. Nightmare 5 my favorite scene is the comic book scene with super freddy and marks death.


  24. NOES 4 = Debbie as a cockroach death!

    NOES 5 = Mark getting slashed up by Freddy into pieces, leaving him a heaping pile of paper trash!

  25. Part 1 when Johnny Depp is pulled into the bed and the blood goes flowing to the ceiling,

  26. Dream Master - Nightmare pizza

    Dream Child - Super Freddy

  27. In the Dream Master, easily my favorite scene is the Rambo-esque montage of Alice getting herself geared up for the final showdown. Strapping on all the knickknack and talismans like military hardware. Cinematic perfection.

    In the Dream Child, I would shave to say the motorcycle kill scene -- especially the extended version. Even this late in the franchise, it was cool to see such a creative and intricate kill.

  28. My favorite scene from THE DREAM MASTER was when ALICE was at the counter with FREDDY in the CRAVE INN DINER. I love when Freddy eats Alice's brother Rick... as a meatball!!!
    My favorite scene for THE DREAM MASTER was the motorcylce transformation...i love that scene!!!

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  30. Favorite scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 when Rick starts karate-chopping to Dramarama's "Anything, Anything" - that scene will always stick with me!

    From ANOES5, when Greta is being force-fed by Freddy - that always grossed me out.

  31. . . . A Winner Is You!