Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Happenings/Events for the SMF Page!

Here's some fun shit I have coming up in July, mostly 35mm Screening so far but all are well worth checking out!

July 6th: Freddy Double Feature screening of Nightmare 4 & 5 at The Colonial Theatre!

Not a huge fan of part 5, but will stick around for it since I never seen it in 35mm
Can't wait for 4 though, it features the best effects in the whole series!

July 18th: Shit Movie Fest  at The Interstate Draft House!

This will be the first time holding a SMF Party in a public place, the Draft House in Fishtown will be a perfect fit!
Since the Bar has a Highway Theme we will be showing a Double Feature of Road Movie classics
Check out the Facebook Events Page for more Info!

July 14th: BlobFest Streetfair 2012!

I went to last year's Blobfest, So I am very much looking forward to this one!
There will be retro cars, radom blob sightings, a 35mm Screening of the Blob movie in the the Colonial Theatre where the movie was filmed!
My friends Jay and Kat are coming up from Maryland to join in on the fun! Hopefully it's not to hot but there are tons of bars to goto if that is the case!

July 20th: Dazed and Confused at the Colonial!

You know maybe I should think about moving out there some day since I am there almost every weekend!

July 28th Possession at the Ihouse 

A New Restored Print will be playing at the end of the month, I never seen the movie but based off the trailer below I going to give it a shot!

Well that's all I have lined up so far, I'm going to try to update a lot more here then I did in June . . .  Sorry about that, just wasn't feeling it!

- Tom

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