Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I love getting stuff in the Mail!

I got a cool package from my friend Stacy Still (of Stay Still FX) today in the mail, let's take a look at the neat things I got!

I have a lot of toys from both the Alien and Predator lines but never any of the "Vs." figures, This set in is in mint condition so for now I am going to leave it in the box and hang it on the wall . . . however tempting they are to play with lol

A poster of "Bram Stroker's Dracula", I couldn't get a good pic of this but it also is in great shape considering it's from the early 90s!

Speaking of Dracula, this is a Awesome Film Strip art, I really like it and will have to see if they made one for Gill-Man!

And last but not least a Necronomicon Necklace!
How Cool is that?!?

Stacy thanks again for thinking of me!  

- Tom


  1. Wow that's an awesome haul broski. I want that necronomocon!

    Swing by my page