Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hello Horror! (A look at at some Hello Kitty Horror Mashups)

When I was looking for pics for the Best Freddy Kruger Mashups post I did on here a little while ago, I was stunned by the amount of Horror & Sci-fi related "Hello Kitty" Pictures and Custom Toys that were out there. I never really understood the whole Kitty following but I got to admit a lot of these are great and and gave me a good laugh!

Well those were the best ones I found, never really seen myself posting about "Hello Kitty" on here, but these were to good not to share!

- Tom


  1. Hello Kitty Ash was interesting, but I think it's the 'cute' Cenobites that rule here.

  2. Awesome! My co-worker is a Hello Kitty fanatic. I should show her these and traumatize her.

  3. My favorite is the "Aliens" one. Thanks for sharing :)