Sunday, July 8, 2012

Freddy Krueger . . . Wrestling Legend!

Long before he was a downloadable character in a recent Mortal Kombat game or faced off against Jason in "Freddy vs. Jason", Freddy Krueger was a Legend in the Squared Circle!
Ok well make that "Nightmare Freddie", a gimmick used by Doug 
Gilbert based off our favorite Bastard Son of 1000 Maniacs!

Gilbert was given the Nightmare Freddie gimmick by his father, Tommy Gilbert, who had returned to wrestling after being a referee for a time but opted to stay under a mask during the tenure. Nightmare Freddy (or just Freddy, as he was usually called) was a fairly successful character in the Memphis area and was actually a babyface for most of his run. He feuded with the Master of Pain.
Freddy was, of course, based on Freddy Krueger, the main character in the A Nightmare on Elm Street films. He even came out wearing the bladed glove. Under Doug's tenure under the rubber mask, Freddy teamed with a Jason (from Friday the 13th) inspired wrestler as well as a Frankenstein, a Wolfman, and Leatherface. Freddy also toured in Japan where he gained even more popularity and helped start a "movie monster/wrestler" boom, most notably in the W*ing federation, where Doug joined his brother Eddie in an infamous match. Feeling betrayed by the company, Doug, wrestling as Nightmare Freddy, and Eddie, as The Boogeyman (a gimmick inspired by the main character from the Halloween series of horror movies), broke character after a tag match, removed their masks and shot on the company. Doug continues to wrestle as Freddy in Japan and is still very popular, fighting other “Monster” wrestlers like Leatherface and The Cryptkeeper!
(Credit: Wikipedia )

There's not much in way of video online featuring this Madness, but I did find two matches off of youtube, including the one where Doug and "Hotstuff" Eddie removed their masks after the match! 
I love how the crowd sells "Freddy" like he is the Real Deal!

As a fan of both Horror Movies(especially Slashers) and Old School Wrestling I can't help but eat this stuff up! For more on these Two Worlds Combining check this post titled Evil In Spandex written by my good friend John over at "Freddy In Space!

- Tom 


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