Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fan of "The Walking Dead"? Then Check This Shirt Out!

I like AMC's The Walking Dead a lot, but I'd say I'm a much bigger fan of the Comicbook Series. Issue #100 just hit stores today and up to this point my two favorite characters have been "Carl" (He's 100% less annoying than his TV counterpart, in fact he's BadAss in the books) and the Batshit Crazy "Michonne"! 
The image you see above is by Philly Artist Jeffro Kilpatrick and is coming to Shirt Punch this Friday July 13th! This Walking Dead shirt featuring "Michonne" will only be available to purchase for that 24 Hour period and will only set you back $10!

You can follow the Jeff by liking his Facebook page right (HERE)

- Tom


  1. Great, I have yet to buy a shirt from this company but will this Friday.

  2. BTW....what did you think of issue 100? I'm still in shock.

    1. A coworker read it on his tablet in the morning before I got a chance to read it, sucks when someone who's pretty much been around from the start dies but it will leave a major impact!