Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Collection of some of the most BadAss Posters I ever seen!

The Poster you see above is the Turkish Art used for the movie Phantasm 2 when it was release in Turkey and it belongs to a Man named Kevin Johnson! I meet Kevin very briefly at last year's Horrorhound Weekend: Cincinnati, we struck up a conversation cause he was wearing a "Vice Squad" shirt and being a fan of the movie and especially the Character "Ramrod", I had to know where he got it from. A few day after Horror Hound I was posting about the shirt on the SMF Page and he commented that he was he who I talked too . . . Small World!

Any way over the past year I noticed Kevin was always posting pictures of his insane poster collection and with his permission I'm going to share some of that said collection today! Most of these are the original poster and there are quite a few foreign posters also! Most of the foreign one he posted I never see until he uploaded them.  

Here is volume one of his collection, I will post some more during the Week!

The International one sheet unlike the U.S. one has ropes around the necks being pulled by a tractor!

Turkish poster for Fulci's Zombie

Spanish Reprint Poster for Creepshow

Japanese "Dawn of the Dead" Poster

U.K. Quad Poster for "Vice Squad"!

Damn that is fucking Amazing!

Kevin thanks again for letting me share some of your collection, I hope everyone else enjoys seeing these as much as I did!

- Tom


  1. Motel Hell....still can't get over the fact that John Ratzenberger is in it as one of the rockers. That's Cliff Claven from Cheers and counless voice overs for every Pixar film.

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