Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Awesome (But Sadly Fake) Movie Tie-in Books!

Movie Tie-books were alway something I remember seeing more of when I was a kid, mostly in used book stores, I have gotten a handful of them over the years including a book that has the first 3 Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Videodrome, Cabin in the Woods, Child's Play 2, and Halloween 3 . . .

All of those are pretty cool in their own right and they make for some interesting reads cause there are some changes or twists in the plots compared to their movie counterparts . . .
For for instance Kincaid and Joey both die in the Elm Street 3 book and Taryn is black and not recovering drug addict but just a teen runaway!
Ok so now on to some fake covers to books that never got the tie-in treatment, but I would love to have sitting on my bookshelf! 
(These all come from a artist by the name Len Connor )

(Actually had a Book, But This is Len's Cover)

And without a doubt the Scariest of them all . . .

- Tom 


  1. The Funhouse really was novelised by Dean Koontz! Under the name of Owen West :)

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  3. Thanks, someone mentioned that to me on the SMF Facebook Page, great cover nonetheless :)

  4. I am a huge fan of movie tie in novels, these looked awesome! Most of all the Prom Night one. Looks so trashy!

  5. I like them all but I like Humanoids the most since that movie kicked all kinds of Ass!

  6. The reason some books differ from their film counterparts is they are usually based on a much earlier draft of the script, because it takes a while to complete a novelization. A lot of things usually change in production and by the time the book is finished since it has to be out before the film, they dont have time to match it to the film and re-write the parts that have changed. The Phantom of the Paradise novelization is a great example of this it contains a lot of difference to the final film.

    1. I'll have to look for that one Dan, thanks for the info.