Friday, July 13, 2012

13 Jason Shirts to Help You Celebrate Friday the 13th!

Today in honor of it being Friday the 13th, Fright Rags is releasing to Special Edition "Final Chapter" Shirts that will only be on the site until July 15th!

That gave me an idea about posting 13 of the best Jason Shirts on the net, most of these are way out of print, but if they are still for sale I will provide a link also!

This is the Shirt that launched hundreds of Fright Rags Shirts into our closets and asks the most important question of our time . . . What Would Jason Do?

The following are some past Limited Edition Friday Shirts from Fright Rags! The first 3 shirts sold out faster then Jason chasing after a big breasted hottie all alone in the woods!

Friday the 13th Part 2: Featuring Amy Steel 

Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (Artwork by Nathan Thomas Milliner )
Though I grabbed all 3 of them, the part Six was my favorite of the bunch, I even meet Tom McLoughlin & Thom Mathews while wearing it!

Other Limited Edition from Fright Rags to celebrate Jason's Birthday from the past year:

These 3 Shirts are from Creepy-Tees

This one below is from Jeff Zornow

From Chris Ott of London 1888

This one is called Japanese Jason

From Teefurry

And one last one for Goodluck the famed "Friday the 12th" Shirt, Poor Jason :(

- Tom 

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