Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zern's Farmers Market

Last night my friend Nicole and I visited Zern's Famers Market in Gilbertsville, PA. 
This was the first time I been to there inclose to five years and I'm happy to report not much has changed, the best way to describe Zern's is stepping into time machine and your destination is a Late80s/Early90s Flea Market! It's not just the crazy old shit that people are selling at their tables, but Mullets, Tie-died Shirts, and Acid Washed Jeans are all the fashion norm and not at all worn ironically!

You can find anything from used VHSs, DVDs, Records, Video Games, and Toys for sale . . . 
And there is also a PetStore,  Arcade, and the recently added Horror Store too! 
I'm going to post some pics from the Horror Store knows as "Zombie Corp." first  . . .

When you first walk in you got this guy greeting you at the door!

My Favorite part of this store was all the Old School Movie Trading Cards he had, you can't go wrong for a $1.50 a pop!

I bought "Crow", E.T.", "Gremlins", and "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Packs!

I also finally got a complete set of WaxEye's Cerial Killer Cards

Beside Cards there were tons of Action Figures and Masks for sale . . .

Now On to The Arcade  Which has a UFO Themed Wall . . .

Last time I was there I remember there being better games such as "Street Fighter 2" and "Vigilante"
But they still have some good ones such as The T.M.N.T. and Simpsons Arcade . . .

After leaving the Arcade we went to the area with all the Old Video Games, Records, and Toys . . .

I wish this was only a $1 cause then I would bought it and forever said "I bought this for a Dollar!"
Oh well :(

While I was shopping around I added to my budding Vinyl Record Collection, these were all $2 a Record!
Thompson Twins, Scorpions, STYX, and 'Til Tuesday

Like Old Socks and Old Underwear, Used Stuffed Animals should never be resold imo!

I searched threw this mountain of toys in hopes of finding some wrestling toys! 
Besides a huge Sting head, all I found was a Brian Pilliman that some some kid drew a Purple beard on, so I passed on buying it!

But speaking of Wrestling once a Month Zern's hosting a Wrestling show on their grounds!
 Based off the some of the roster it kinda looks like it could be a Fun Trainwreck of a Show . . .

Well That's was pretty much our trip to Zern's, we had a fun time and I plan to get back there sooner this time around!
And with that note I leave you with the cutest pic of the night taken out side the Pet Shop Window . . .

- Tom


  1. Awesome dude. Would love to get some of those cards, and Styx rules.

  2. Been there a few times,but not for a few years,maybe a trip is in order

  3. If you are close by it's worth going, never know what you will find! :)

  4. Robocop for Nintendo was a pretty solid buy. That was back in the day before video games based on movies were rushed and sold without regard for quality.