Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sorry for the lack of Updates . . .

Sorry for the lack of  posts on the blog, between finally getting myself back in some sort of a routine at gym after taking most of the Spring off and it finally being Summer & so nice out I just can't seem to find the motivation to sit and write on my laptop much right now! So this month may pretty dead update wise, but I did get some items off Amazon for things I plan to feature in during the Summer!
I used to order of Amazon all the time until one of my packages never got to me, I think it got stolen from a not so friendly neighbor but either way that is what lead me to get a P.O. Box!

Here's the cool shit (well to me any way) that I got . . .
First up I want do a full "Piranha Week" here on the Blog maybe the same week as The Discovery Channel's "Shark Week", featuring reviews of Piranha, Piranha 2: The Spawning, Piranha (1995), 3D, 3DD, Mega Piranha, and Pirhnaconda!
Plus maybe a give-a-way or two!
My Piranha 2: The Spawning VHS has seen better days, so I finally updated to DVD and I never saw the 90s Showtime Remake so I also bought that!

I also want to do a Sleepaway Camp week in the future, so I picked up "The Survivor" which just hit the DVD Market and also the Horrible "Return to Sleepaway Camp" cause I hate myself!
Added trivia: my good friend Nick was an extra in "Return" and he agreed to sign my copy next time I see him lol

I don't know why I never owned Daria Argento's "Opera", but since I am doing a writeup for it next month as part of Dr. Terror Blog of Horrors as part of his "Italian Week" I figured it was time to fix that problem!

Here's 2 cds I been wanting for a good while but were always out of print, The Sound "From The Lion's Mouth" and "Jeopardy".
I consider these guys to be one of the most underrated bands to come along and glad to finally add them to my collection.

And last but not least I got that Slasher Book everyone's been raving about! 
It's fucking EPIC and my friend John over at Freddy in Space has one for the  taking in this Give-A-Way!

Well like I said I won't be here as often, but don't worry you can count on me updating a lot on the SMF FaceBook Page while I'm at work and a couple contests to pop up soon!

- Tom