Saturday, June 16, 2012

Document of Violence: Eat The Turnbuckle @ the M-Room (06.15.12)

Eat The Turnbuckle are a wrestling themed hardcore band from Philadelphia PA that made their national debut a few months ago at SXSW. Since then ETT has been touring up and down the East Coast and through the Tri State area. Last night was the band's triumphant return to the City of Brotherly C.H.U.D and I was on hand to document the stupidity, violence and rock and roll shenanigans.

Those that don't know the band please allow this post to be an introduction. Eat The Turnbuckle are 6 plus sized beardos that have taken up Philadelphia's extreme wrestling mantle (R.I.P ECW Arena); taking wrasslin’ antics like blood letting, cheese grating, dollar bill body stapling, fluorescent tube smashing and table breaking out of the VFW halls and backyards and into the arena of rock. Combined with an ugly, old school hardcore sound these guys blaze through a half hour set with so much fury that you'll spend more time ducking fists, vomit (courtesy of 2nd vocalist Dr. Fear) and plasma than rocking out. So, next time Eat The Turnbuckle is in your town you owe it to your self-loathing, masochistic self to see them. BUT they are definitely not for the squeamish or anyone afraid of getting hepatitis.

The photos below show the band in their hessian glory:

The name of Eat The Turnbuckle's E.P. is "Fans Bring Weapons" and the fans at last night's show certainly did! Two of them dressed like Luchadores, one gouged himself good and proper and others brought light bulbs, trash can lids and even a crutch to throw into the mix. 

The following photos show the fan's participation (one was even slammed through a door):

Pre 'slammed through door'.

Post 'slammed through door' (OUCH!)


That is a trash can lid flying through the air.

By the end Eat The Turnbuckle emerged victorious and the only permanent damage done was to our livers. I want to thank the band and the security at the M Room for letting me run around the pit and bar with my camera getting up in everyone's grill. 

So til next time, STEP IN THE FUCKIN RING!

The End

Eat The Turnbuckle's "Fans Bring Weapons" Music Video:

Eat The Turnbuckle's "Ladders, Tables, Chairs" Promo Video:

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